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Gaffes of the house

I do not like the negative points our law makers are earning for themselves. If what they are doing is in line with the behaviour and mindset of those who govern, then theirs draws more angst than what people think of the executive and the judiciary.

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Eating the future today

The body language of our people cannot be fully relayed in words. When they tell you something you ought to have done and you fail or refuse to do it and the come later comes to become, they look you in the face, put both hands on their faces with two fingers ready to produce a message, run the fingers from under the eyes to the chin. Some times they will mouth the invective “iyo” (pronounced i-yaw). No other sound follows, but the message is clear.

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Who is misdirecting Waziri?

People ask me if what we, as columnists, say is ever read by those they affect. My answer has always been that, in a division of labour setting, ours is to show the way and leave the decision to follow the way to those who so choose. We can’t force anyone, but whenever things later go bad, in spite of our shouting and yelling, we go back in time and point to what we said that may have been ignored.

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First of many calls

Someone called me at noon on Tuesday October 12. He told me his name which I first thought was a title. After he had lectured me for the better part of 15 minutes on the Niger Delta and the distraction the bombs of October 1 seem to be causing, and after I had wanted to explain a point or two but he would not let me, insisting that as someone who writes for people to know what is happening, I had to listen to him, I told him no one imposes their views on me.

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Good bye 50 wasted years

I doubt that we have done anything different at the end of the 50th year of our independence. The future beginning Oct 2 cannot work if we bring the past along.
Take as another example, the economy. The future will recognize the great mistake we made when we paid good money running into billions of dollars in settlement of debts of doubtful origin.

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The worth of property Jonathan

The claim on Property Jonathan at the level of being on the driving seat at the centre seemingly has nothing to do with the fact that he is Izon from Bayelsa State. But because of what we have made of office-holding in Nigeria, it does have everything to do with where you come from.

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Many phases of rigging

Either way will without a doubt undermine the promise of credible elections that President Jonathan has given. Before we join the fray, let us look back to these schemes which we were all sold on only to discover that those who programmed them had other destinations in mind.

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