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Point of Order

Memories of the Big Boss

As the year gradually inches to a close – we barely have six weeks left in 2016 – I am thinking of the friends I’ve lost this year, Ken Saro-Wiwa being one of them.

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Vacancies without violence

The New Year, 2011, is two days old and the many resolutions of many are not likely to be crumbling this soon. But, because this year seems to be one of promise, in spite of the seething darkness trying to undermine what we have all anchored a volition for, we should tackle the bad in us for the good to emerge.

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Now, nowhere to hide!

It takes time for the housemates of Big Brother Africa to get used to the fact that about two dozen cameras are trained on them for 24 hours a day. What is beamed to the outside world is not all that is happening, but what the moderators of the 24-hour reality tv want the world to see.

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One birthday & a funeral

It is Christmas again! It is my favourite time of the year – when the languid air smells of good fare: the sharing of goodwill; the visit of friends and family; the return of migrants from various corners of the earth; the salute to the belly by all forms of gormandizing acts – the sheer sense of completion of another cycle of life and of the seasons. All these amplify the significance of this time of the year.

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Death of our guinea pig

We lost our national guinea pig, Chief Anthony Eromosele Enahoro, to the cruel hands of death last week, at age 87. He did not die in America or England or India. He died in a hospital in Benin City, a lover of his ungrateful country unto death. In the Sunday Vanguard of June 11, 2000, I wrote a piece on The National Guinea Pig.

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Saga of pointer Sanusi

Sanusi is a pointer, and having performed the duty of pointing, it is left for the activists in our midst to push for the wrongs of indulgence to be righted. I think we have been indulging our organs of government by accepting that they can be judges in their own causes.

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Let the battle begin

I received a newsflash from the Nation on the day a group of Northern elders was to announce the candidate they had chosen to do battle with President Goodluck Jonathan in the struggle for who carries the banner of the ruling PDP during the presidential election of 2011.

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The two sides of Nigeria

I was in Edo State for most of last week. I had read a lot about what Governor Adams Oshiomhole was supposed to be doing in the state; also the many write-ups of the erstwhile ruling PDP that the man has been planting flowers, digging up streets and abandoning them and borrowing money that was not being accounted for. Seeing, they say, is believing.

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