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Legends: dropping Gani for Dora

They were General Yakubu Gowon, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Chinua Achebe and Chief Gani Oyesola Fawehinmi. My reason for embracing the project was to give honour to whom it was due and encourage others to live the life of heroes who will inspire the young and old of this nation to great endeavours.

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Mark of the beast

THE feud between the Senate and House of Reps, which thwarted the presentation of the 2010 Appropriation Bill by President Umaru Yar’ Adua reminds us of the parable of the two foolish goats at the precipice. There was a narrow precipice, so narrow that only one animal could cross at a time. First, two lambs started crossing.

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Strong indigene, weak citizen

A Bill in the House of Representatives seeking to convert citizens who have lived in a state for 10 years into indigenes is said to be enjoying the cold attention of legislators. Sponsored by Hon Gozie Agbakoba, it says that any Nigerian who has lived peacefully in a state for 10 unbroken years and fulfilling all his civic obligations shall be entitled to privileges of an indigene, including scholarship, appointments to public office and voting and being voted for.

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