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INEC chair: No more Igbo

THERE has been some excitement since the news broke that, after all, there might be a change of guards at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). If this happens, it will further heighten the expectation that Acting President Goodluck Jonathan may have chosen to chart a course that is not business as usual. The INEC Board led by Professor Maurice Iwu was already looking forward to conducting the next general elections.

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Are our army troubles back?

Have you noticed the gradually increasing and worrisome political notoriety of some elements of the Nigerian Army? Shortly after President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua assumed power and posted core Northerners to high and sensitive command positions, certain high-powered elements started inching the nation’s supreme force back to some of the behaviours which in the past occasioned the massive campaign for a return to democracy.

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Jonathan beware of OBJ, EK

Acting President, Goodluck , stands at history’s crossroads. The road he chooses to travel will make all the difference for him as a historical figure in Nigeria and for Nigeria itself. He is faced with the choice of either charting a new course and laying the foundation for the new Nigeria of our dreams or following the ignominious familiar road which we have travelled in the past.

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