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Cranky octogenarians and professors

WITHIN a month four of my friends turned 80 or 81. Nearly all of them are healthy except one who suffered an intolerable episode. I have also watched a lot of younger men look at us. Their look is suggestive of a combination of emotions, some of them contradictory. They wonder that we have reached this ripe old age. There is confusion about what these old men are still doing here, “why una never die”? There is blame that we are the cause of all the problems of Nigeria. We could not fix the problem yet we incessantly talk about them. The young feel that we are leaving them with the intolerable burden of fixing a broken Nigeria. There is impatience; get out of the way so that the young can fully accept the mantle of leadership.

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Whitemen, Blackmen, Blackwomen

NIGERIANS generally like Whitemen. They see Whitemen as rich, coming from an orderly civilised society who are here to help Nigeria. The smile of welcome starts from the airport, “welcome oga, wetin you bring for me?” Nigerians expects the Whiteman to dole out money any and every time, afterall he has dollars and pounds and euros.

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Petroleum Equalisation Fund: A temporary agency?

WHAT people call magic is in fact, an illusion. When a magician puts a woman in a box and saws the middle of the box; one expects her to be cut in two except that this does not happen. The magician shouts some incantation and behold the lady is standing untouched by the mechanical sawing blade. In many respects, the operation of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC, Petroleum Equalisation Fund, PEF, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and its Forex policies, the Pension wahala are all magic – abracadabras, total illusions. What is not illusion is the heavy cost to the economy and the people.

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African agricultural products

THE gaze of the old, it is said, is focused on the past, the young on the future. It is because of these perspectives that the old is sometimes unable to appreciate the future. Moreover, the older one gets, the easier it is for the memory to play games with one. I remember when I was young, there was a greater variety of fruits and foodstuff than now.

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