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Patrick Dele Cole

The radicalisation of political conflict

By Patrick Dele Cole AT the heart of the concept of democracy is the sanctity of the idea that my opponent’s view is a strong part of the democratic conversation. That whether or not I agree with you, you have the right to your position and to articulate it to the electorate, and yes, that
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Brexit, Johnson

Populism versus institutions – to what extent are our defences being eroded?

Boris Johnson: OVER the last few years disenfranchisement with the political class has spread on the back of stagnating economies and falling standards of living since the financial crisis of 2008. Whether the result is Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Matteo Salvini, Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, Narendra Modi of India, Scott Morrison
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Traditional thinking will not save us

EVERY time that I open a newspaper, or browse the internet and engage with the debate that constantly rages about the state of our economy, it is increasingly evident to me why our economy is stagnating and our people are becoming poorer. I often feel like I am in a time warp. I’ve witnessed decades of Nigerian economic policies, and find that the solutions many are advocating today are those that were being called for in the 1970s.

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More than a miracle

MORE than a Miracle is an emotional and heart-rending story of a mother’s love for her son, and ferocity in which we would go to any length to save someone we love. It is a story of trials and triumphs, but mostly of faith; of believing that no matter the situation or the circumstance, God has a way of pulling one through if we firmly believe and trust in Him.  It is a story of hope and love – for life, family, friends, and God.

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Vladimir Putin

The Sarin Gas war: The West and Russia in Syria

I HAVE felt extremely sorry for Russia since the poisoning of the Russian double spy for their inability and inefficiency in news management. At every conceivable point, the West packaged and delivered propaganda dressed as “truths”; Russia was a blubbering, clumsy bear, playing catch up with a cunning powerful tiger. It was a contest between the old Lada and a superfine sleek Ferrari.

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