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Patrick Dele Cole

Nigeria and the rule of law (3)

Rule of law

By Patrick Dele Cole SO the judiciary now rules that the party cannot offer candidates for the election because some members claim that certain arcane rules of the party had not been obeyed: thus disenfranchising millions of that party`s political persuasion and worse still gifting the post of president or governor or senator to a
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UK PM Johnson, on the mend after COVID-19, faces lockdown conundrum

Populism versus institutions – to what extent are our defences being eroded?

Boris Johnson: OVER the last few years disenfranchisement with the political class has spread on the back of stagnating economies and falling standards of living since the financial crisis of 2008. Whether the result is Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Matteo Salvini, Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, Narendra Modi of India, Scott Morrison
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Traditional thinking will not save us

EVERY time that I open a newspaper, or browse the internet and engage with the debate that constantly rages about the state of our economy, it is increasingly evident to me why our economy is stagnating and our people are becoming poorer. I often feel like I am in a time warp. I’ve witnessed decades of Nigerian economic policies, and find that the solutions many are advocating today are those that were being called for in the 1970s.

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