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Patrick Dele Cole

African economic redemption: Chimera or hope?

THE West has left us with the template for economic growth and worldwide domination: the franchise system or the selling and use of patents, symbols, etc. in short, branding. McDonald, Pepsi Coke, Coca-Cola, 7UP,  KFC, Dominos are brands well known which people buy, so also is General Electric, Toyota, etc.

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Political party manifestos: Nigeria, UK and US

THE party is committed to building a qualitatively better society based on the principle of democracy, human rights and moral justice under the rule of law. It would restructure Nigeria for true federalism: devolution of powers to the states and local governments in an indivisible Nigeria that respects geopolitical balancing and rotation of power at all levels of government.

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National Youths Service Corps: A re-organisation

The original concept was to instill discipline among young graduates. The graduates would then do community work and pass on their acquired discipline to the youths and others they meet. Our youths would be burning with the feverof national interest, espousing ideas which their training would foster. Like yeast to bread this nationalism would swell the bread of Nigeria, pushing the nation beyond self and tribe. This was why Youth Corpers were posted outside their states to learn about other cultures and impress on those cultures the overwhelming singularity of Nigerianess. Our future leaders would be well grounded in the concept and life of Nigerianess over and above destructive ethnicity. I may be overstating the aims but I think that, by and large, my characterisation is true.

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