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Patrick Dele Cole

Childhood games: The games we played as children(2)

By Patrick Dele Cole This is the concluding part of the nostalgic tale of unforgetable childhood games which was first published last week This is your notification to go catch your prey. But you are not the only one: the farmer may be around and he hates interlopers messing around in his farm. Other birds
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Prof Bolaji Akinyemi and visions

PROF Bolaji Akinyemi – an international colossus – foresaw early where and what Nigeria’s foreign policy should be. He proposed the Afirican High Command because he understood that without a united Africa, the West, Russia and China would trample all over it, taking the minerals and wealth of the richest continent away for next to nothing.

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Rule of law

Nigeria and the rule of law (3)

By Patrick Dele Cole SO the judiciary now rules that the party cannot offer candidates for the election because some members claim that certain arcane rules of the party had not been obeyed: thus disenfranchising millions of that party`s political persuasion and worse still gifting the post of president or governor or senator to a
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