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The masquerades of Burkina

BURKINA FASO, ‘the land of Honourable men’ and women, is again in political turmoil following the return of soldiers last week. The country’s soldiers, like many in Africa, graduate from the Infantry School of Treachery. They earn their pips in the admittedly, difficult low intensity wars of the radio station where coups and counter coups are announced.

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Our brothers go, marching

ONE of the most traumatic days in my life was September 21, 2005. Exactly ten years today. A few weeks before, then President Olusegun Obasanjo had again decided to increase the price of petrol (PMS) In reaction, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) decided to hold mass rallies and street marches in selected parts of the country to demonstrate the people’s opposition, and as a warning that the citizenry would resist such increase.

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Hundred years of Penkelemes

NOBEL Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, titled his 1946-1965 memoirs, Ibadan: The Penkelemes Years. He explained that “The inventor and embodiment of this deliberate, populist corruption of ‘peculiar mess’ was, appropriately, a certain Ibadan shon of de shoil (son of the soil) by the name of Adelabu.”

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Pope Francis

Pacifist Pope, visits warrior nation

POPE Francis, born, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and known widely, as a pacifist, is visiting the United States, a famous warrior nation, for six days from September 22. Just as the hood does not make a monk, so does a papal regalia, not make a pacifist. There have been warmongering Popes like Pope Urban II who militarily, mobilised Europe in 1095 to attack parts of Europe and the Middle East in the name of a crusade. The wars ignited by that Pope, raged for over two centuries leaving massive destruction, wasted lives and horrendous massacres of Judaists, Muslims and Christians.

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I pledge to Buhari my President

I PLEDGE to Buhari my President, to be , faithful, loyal and honest. To serve him with all my strength. To uphold his honour and glory so I will not be counted amongst his enemies. So help me God. Knowing that he is an ‘ol soja’ I need to pledge my one hundred percent loyalty to him as he marks his first hundred days in office.

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On visiting the House Lenin lived

I WAS at the Baden International Business School (BIBS) Switzerland from August 23 – 29 as a Resource Person. My presentation was on Labour Unions and their Future in the Energy Industry. In the paper, I had written: “So fundamental had electricity become at the turn of the 20th Century, that it was one of the three reasons for the October 1917 Russian Revolution; the electrification of the country, under what became known as the National Economic Programme (NEP) The other two aims were to pull the country out of the First World War and provide food for the starving populace.”

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Those setting fires in other countries can’t complain

EUROPE is in panic. No, not because of tumbling stocks over what they see as China ‘slowing down’. This itself is intriguing; fanatical prophets and apostles of market forces, begging the Chinese Government to intervene in the Stock Market. The panic is about the tidal waves of migrants from war torn countries, surviving the seas, especially the Mediterranean, to make landfall on European coasts.

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