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A People kidnapped

KIDNAPPING was an occasional crime. Usually, it involved the hypnotisation or enticement of a kid. So parents, guardians and teachers taught children not to talk to strangers or accept gifts. Occasionally, adults also fell victim usually through hypnosis which is a science.

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Colour, Morocco, Clinton and politics

She spoke the truth, but is she ready to admit that the Western world played a vital role? Not until she admits to these complex issues, can she be taken seriously. Just of recent, the Swiss UBS bank agreed to release the names of 5,000 US citizens that retained illicit accounts with that bank. Why can’t that happen to us here in Nigeria?

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State of the nation

I READ your write up on the humiliation of Goodluck and Onosode. I want to know why incessant strikes are the only solution to the myriad of problems facing our universities. Why can’t ASUU follow the path of dialogue and diplomacy and call off the strike while the negotiations continue? I believe in the sincerity of the Yar’Adua government in finding a lasting solution to the ASUU- FG face off.

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