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2015: Is PDP rejoicing at the wrong time?

The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) who are clamouring for a second term for President Goodluck Jonathan may have excelled in their mobilization of many Nigerians to applaud their goal. Their South-South rally in Port Harcourt the other Saturday reportedly received the blessing of over four million citizens of the zone who demand that Jonathan should contest the 2015 Presidential elections. Their earlier shows in the South-East and South-West rallies were similarly impressive. They therefore appear to have put the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in a joyous mood ahead of 2015. In fairness to the party, no one can afford to despair considering the kind of figures that are being reeled out from the TAN rallies.

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EFCC should probe Enugu House of Assembly

Section 188 of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 empowers a State legislature to remove from office a Governor or his deputy who is found guilty of gross misconduct. The Enugu State House of Assembly relied on the Section a few days back, to impeach the Deputy Governor of the State, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, for the “gross misconduct” of running a poultry farm in his compound. The Enugu legislators didn’t do anything new.

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I agree with IBB

Last week, the media was replete with tributes marking the 73rd birthday anniversary of former President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB). I was also thrilled by the interview he granted on the occasion where he made two profound and related pronouncements-one, that it is dangerous to involve the military in elections and the other, that the Nigerian Military would soon be compromised. Last year, some top army personnel and the leadership of our electoral body were not too happy with me for expressing similar opinions. Now that a personality like Babangida has publicly expressed the same “offending” opinions, I have no option than to ‘agree with IBB’.

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Ebola confirms Liberia as Nigeria’s Cross

The Ebola disease that has caused so much panic in Nigeria in the last one month did not evolve from among our people. It was imported from Liberia thereby sentencing Nigeria once again to the burden of carrying Liberia’s cross. It is however not a new pain; that has always been our lot. But for Nigeria, Liberia would have been dismembered long ago over its fratricidal civil war

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Ebola: Should we discard the bitter kola story?

Why can’t we research into the herbs which kept our forefathers healthy and strong without western endorsement? Of course it is time for us to rise up to the trend where it is only African diseases that have no cure. We can’t make it if while others are positively using their brains to keep their people alive, we tune ours to convoluted impeachments and electioneering during the period for governance. Let those who have a mandate to take charge of our health overcome the current Ebola disaster NOW.

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Support for Insurgency Victims: Good Policy, Little Scope

Joe, my friend was greatly agitated some two weeks back over the appointment of General Theophilus Danjuma as chairman of a new committee to help government cater for victims of the current wave of insurgency in Nigeria. Joe thought that the Danjumas of this world have had more than enough of public assignments insisting that recycling such individuals in a nation overflowing with dynamic and bubbling human resources suggested the failure of government to ponder outside the box.

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Inspector General of Police as a Traffic Warden

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble into a television documentary during the week which featured Mohammed D. Abubakar, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) functioning as a traffic warden. Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the entire episode but the two short scenes I saw made salient points. In one case, he was portrayed directing the free flow of traffic at a busy location.

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David Mark

Do our Commanders-in-Chief live above board?

Last week, the Senate screened and approved four additional nominees as Ministers. On the occasion, Senate President David Mark admonished the nominees to assume office with a mindset to live above board. Since Ministers as leaders are expected to serve as role models by shunning all acts of impropriety, the admonition appears rational. But was I or any other citizen for that matter supposed to have faith in the said caution? Put differently, is it unlikely that David Mark himself, the author of the admonition may not have believed in it? Those who wish to see this viewpoint as cynical are free to do so but they cannot stop us from being skeptical about the possibility of any political office holder in Nigeria operating with any appreciable level of integrity. History does not seem to support a contrary view.

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Why insecurity persists in Nigeria

The agonies of residents of Nigeria’s federal capital city and its environs especially the impact of two consecutive bomb blasts in Nyanya a few weeks back were yet to subside when another bomb blast occurred again last Wednesday in Wuse, Abuja. On the basis of vicarious liability which in law, refers to the blame a leader bears on behalf of his team, it is rational to blame our numerous security challenges on our over-all leader, President Goodluck Jonathan. But since the security challenges are getting more severe and spreading as well as biting harder by the day, the direction of the blame game is probably too simplistic and narrow. A more realistic analysis of the unending nature of our current insecurity, is likely to show that there are many other leaders that are blame worthy concerning the subject.

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