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Another October, another anniversary, another cycle of lies

October is the tenth month of the year. It is also the second of the dreaded ember months. So all of us should be grateful for making it thus far. After all, a lot of healthier and more privileged people had passed on already. This October makes it the 58th year of our nationhood. So the nation should be grateful for making 58 in spite of the many challenges bedevilling our nation state.

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My thoughts on minimum wage

Those who should know tell us that people fall into poverty every hour in our country! That’s a lot of people in a year! But it’s hardly surprising given that our minimum wage as it stands, barely sustains borderline poverty. It is therefore clear that our minimum take-home pay can no longer take anybody home, as the popular saying goes.

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Don’t cry for Adeosun

Those in my generation who grew up in the South-West and attended Awolowo’s elementary schools would be familiar with D.O Fagunwa’s books. They were fascinating books. The escapades of valiant hunters in one of the books captured imaginations. So did the mushy love stories in another. One particular book, ‘Ogboju Ode’ (‘Brave Hunter’) went beyond the classrooms into homes and even playgrounds as we recited portions that captured our fertile minds. Even today, some six decades after, I can still recite some portions.

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