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Time to let go,Chief Oyebola

By Mayowa Adetiba A couple of weeks ago, Chief Areoye Oyebola, a former Editor of Daily Times, gave yet again, his account of the event that led to what some veteran journalists described as the day of the long knives in Daily Times. The knives that came out that day made many people to become
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A dagerous game

Last Tuesday’s Sallah would have been celebrated by all — Christians, Muslims and Ifa worshipers—in the Yoruba kingdom. That is how it had always been done. And that is how, if our politicians don’t mess things up, it should always be done.

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Blossom where planted

My week started with an S.O.S text message from a mother of four who had been abandoned by her husband, and to her, the whole world. Her travails started about four years ago when she lost her job and her husband’s business gradually collapsed.

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The great implosion

So why were we not surprised that the PDP imploded at its own convention last week? Why was the news not greeted with dismay by the generality of the people? Is it because we are yet to fully grasp the meaning of a ruling party that has imploded and the effect it could have on governance? No.

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Big brother is taking notes

A couple of years ago, bank PHB, a Nigerian bank, ran some exciting futuristic adverts. One of them was on cars that could drive themselves while holding the owners in decent conversations. It seemed far fetched but the reality is that most of these futuristic science fictions seem to catch up with us sooner than we expect. If the mind can conceive it, then science seems to be able to achieve it. I will not be at all surprised, given what cars are up to these days, if Bank PHB’s dream soon becomes a reality.

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