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I feel a sense of loss

All tennis buffs look forward to the Grand Slams or the Masters Series where supreme tennis athletes enter ‘the arena’ to showcase their immense skills, sometimes defying the freezing cold, or gusty winds, or whatever it is the elements might throw at them.

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The president we need in 2015

Last week, my friend and neighbour Dr Kingsley Kola Akinroye (KK), was formerly presented to a diverse but select crowd of expatriates and Nigerians as the Honorary Consul of Finland. It was the peaking of a romance that started about 15 years ago, and which hopefully, will still have many peaks.

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A little mirror to the Nigerian Police

The swift way the perpetrators of the ‘face book’ murder of Cynthia Osokogu were brought to book, brought huge relief to all of us, and, if truth be told, more than a little pride. But more importantly, it brought closure and allowed the friends and family of the poor lady and to some extent, the larger society, to also have closure and move on with their lives. That is how it should be. A crime is committed, the perpetrators are apprehended, justice is done, the society learns from it, and moves on.

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