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Edmund’s Belle

Hi Readers! Please bear with the Vanguard as I apologize for those Mondays that this column was not published, and thank all those who felt concerned enough to send me text messages, asking what was happening.
In all these years this column has been running, God has made it possible for me to send down scripts to the Vanguard. I’m sure He’ll continue to allow this for as long as the column runs.

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Ruffling feathers!

HI Readers! Hurrah! At last I’m on vacation, and I’m penning these lines outside the country. My place in Lagos is virtually empty as nanny has gone to her village in Togo for a week. Seb who’s also over here with Belinda told Robert, his Togolese steward, to go spend the nights at my place with our guard until we get back.

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Helpless Treena?

By Treena Kwenta HI Readers! It was a Saturday and I was preparing to go out when Edmund showed up with Tayo’s m1,1m. He had taken her to their hometown Onitsha to spend a week, and they were on their way to his apartment in Apapa, when they made a detour to my place. As
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After the storm

Hi Readers! First things first. I must express my immense gratitude to all of you who sent text messages to congratulate me on Heather’s wedding. Actually, texts had been trickling in since the traditional wedding in Jos, just before Christmas. The most recent are the large number commending Heather and me for her purity until her wedding night.

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The difference

Hi Readers! I got a little insight of the relationship between Seb and Belinda while the three of us, along with Edmund, were paying a visit to Tayo’s mum in Abeokuta. Make no mistake – they are fond of each other, enjoy being together, and above all, understand each other well.

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Edmund declares?

Hi Readers! The next time that Edmund visited me, he came in a state-of-the art Lexus jeep. I was impressed.

“Wao, Edmund! You’ve arrived! You’ve made it big! I didn’t know you were worth this much. You must be swimming in Angolan oil. Tell me, do you have an oil block over there now?”

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Seb in a fix!

Hi Readers! The first thing that the gals did on their return to Lagos was to go
pay a visit to the supposedly sick Belinda – Seb’s fiancee. Why? Well, my view when Becky the evangelist/peace-maker mooted the idea was that we should leave her alone. I suggested to the gals that we should each ring her up to ask how Belinda was feeling, and then leave the matter at that.

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Heather is tops!

Hi Readers! This is Treena, at last! Are you breathing a sigh of relief that I’ve got my page back, or are you missing Tayo? Don’t make me jealous by feeling the former. I guard this page very jealously, you know, and I appreciate all those who read it; particularly those who have stayed loyal for over twenty years! Wao! It’s been running for more than 26 years now! Amazing!

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