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Life with Treena Kwenta

CAF election politics worries Minister

Sports Minister, Bolaji Abdullahi, on Wednesday expressed concern over the type of politics that is being introduced into the forthcoming Confederation of African Football (CAF) Executive Council seat election.

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Fun Whirls!

Hi Readers! Having dad back home, well and strong was just great! Praise God! Soon we began to disperse. Funke, my brother Benny’s wife and Ify, Joe’s , were the first to leave. They had to go see to the children and their businesses. Chuma, Dicta’s husband, who at last has been able to get into politics, howbeit in a very small way in his home state in Enugu, had to leave to go attend urgent meetings there.

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Rallying round!

Hi Readers! I know this may sound a bit silly, but the hospital is a pretty dreary place to spend the night in. All I’ve done so far in my life with regards to the hospital, is go pay a patient a visit. I breeze in with chocolates, fruits, magazine/newspapers, provision, etc., flash dazzling smiles which hopefully are expected to liven up the atmosphere and make the patient feel a lot better, sit around a bit, bid him/her ‘goodbye’ and then leg it back home; satisfied that I had accomplished my mission of doing a good deed.

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Letting it pass!

Hi Readers! Strangely I was able to sleep soundly that first night in Accra, in spite of my anxiety over my dad’s health. It must have been exhaustion. I’m sure I would have continued sleeping till evening, if Dicta, who was sharing a room with me hadn’t woken me up at eight to tell me that breakfast was almost ready…

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Sixes & sevens!

Hi Readers! I must confess that as I stood looking at Tayo’s two cute grandsons at her daughter, Dupe’s place in London, I felt inadequate. Was I jealous? No. Envious? Just a tiny bit. Tayo is my closest friend on earth, and we’ve both come a long way, but if you start out in life with someone, it’s impossible never to compare what you are/what you have with hers at some point.

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A matter of trust!

Hi Readers! As we sat waiting for the others to join us in the restaurant, I brought up again the issue of entering through the kitchen and what other diners might have been thinking as they saw us access the dining area from there. I told Tayo that ladies of class like us shouldn’t have done such a thing.

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