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All for peace

Hi Readers! Based on what nanny had told me, I did my best to avoid Seb too, so that peace can reign. I couldn’t trust myself not to bring up the registry wedding issue if I got him on my own. I was successful in this for a day or so, but when my siblings arrived from down south, that changed immediately.

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Scheming Seb!

Hi Readers! On the drive down to Jos, I debated in my mind whether or not, to scold Seb for keeping Heather’s registry wedding a secret from me. I wouldn’t have done that to him. I wouldn’t dare! What stressful times could he have been going through that he could conveniently forget to tell me?

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Hand of fate!

Hi Readers! After the pep talk from the gals on Robert and Heather’s desire to get married, my spirit did pick up and I began to count my blessings, as advised. Yes, Treena does have a lot to be thankful for in the match. First and foremost, my daughter is getting married to a man from the same middle class, refined background as we are.

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Upward Move!

Hi Readers! The ribbing I got from the gals for the way I handled my encounter with Belinda was much worse than the one I had got earlier from nanny.

Tayo, as usual, led the attack when I was summoned to her place for the gals to deliberate on the matter. Apparently, before he came to chide me for upsetting his madam, Seb had been to her place to tell her that I had been instigating his lady to leave him. She said she had tried to reason with him that I was much above doing such a thing, but he had refused to believe her. He told her that I was behaving like the dog in the manger who wouldn’t eat a bone, and was preventing other dogs from eating it.

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