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Nigeria to host African business women’s advocacy forum

Vital Voices Global Partnership and Women in Management, Business, and Public Service (WIMBIZ) have announced that they will host the Supporting Public Advocacy for Regional Competitiveness (SPARC) Program and Forum in Lagos.

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Bye Bada, Bye 2011

THE passing year started on a sad note with the controversial death of Uche Okafor, in the USA. The former Eagles defender was found dead in his apartment. The initial impression was that he committed suicide. Investigations later vindicated those who believed that was not Uche – he was murdered.

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Another Year, Another Yawn

IF people do not know when to resign, we are obliged to give them a little push to leave, though in some cases you can guarantee that you may push very hard to get any results. Debates over what to do with football (sports?) will leave many of us wondering what is spectacular about 2011 top make the concerns more urgent. Is it the little matter of no Nigerian team qualifying for the major ones in 2012 or falling out this year?

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Our Brother Samuel Eto’o

THERE are too many inspiring stories from Africa that we can ignore them mostly at our own risk. At a time the African Union could only raise $20 million (N3.1 b) for the famine victims in Somalia, an individual -Samuel Eto’o – is earning 20 euro (N4.2b) a year.

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