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Engaging Bash Ali

I have always found Bashiru Ali an interesting fellow. My main challenge has been how to place him. He is one fellow who hardly takes offence. You can call him names. Throw your allegations at him. If you are expecting answers, you will be disappointed.

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Some Tears For Bolt

I STILL consider at6hletics as one of the finest sports. Its rules are simple. Its head try to follow them to the letter. The mishap that Usain Bolt had in the 100m final is a regular occurrence. The high profile of the one involved resulted in the comments that have trailed false starts and taken the shine off the final.

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Maputo Can Move Us

THE All Africa Games, the 10th edition of which begin in Maputo, Mozambique, tomorrow, mean a lot to Nigerians, particularly those who were old enough to experience the second edition that held in Lagos 38 years ago. The Games appear to have passed the early uncertainties over future hosts, after the exceptional delays that we saw in Nairobi with the Games billed fro 1982 holding in 1987 – five years late.

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‘How Are You, Nigerians?’

FOR more than 30 minutes last week Wednesday, President Goodluck Jonathan had the time to ask players and officials of the Nigerian U-20 football team, “How are you?” The session that saw him repeating the same question after each person was identified was meant to be a pep talk ahead of the encounter against England in a FIFA competition in Columbia.

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Dangers Football Poses

NIGERIA is participating in the All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique, next month. If you have not been hearing much about the Games, it might have something to do with the fact that Nigeria is out of the football events of the Games. This is one example of the dangers that football pose to our sports.

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Congrats Gombe, Sokoto

STANDARDS are almost impossible to keep in Nigeria. In the instances that we opted for low standards, we are still unable to keep the marks that we have so lowly set for ourselves. The National Sports Festival is suffering the same affliction.

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Sports needs more than money

ADMIRABLE efforts are always being made to resuscitate the National Sports Festival, but it is clear the days of the National Sports Festival, as a productive venture are shortening. The increasing low standards, cheating, corruption, poor officiating and can only turn the festival into a huge ceremony with all the trappings in place. We are witnessing one in Port Harcourt.

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