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Forbes, Dangote

Tax incentive to Dangote and our failed Federal Govt

Milton Friedman must have had the Federal Government of Nigeria in mind when he penned the above words. Just like Obafemi Awolowo rightly warned against unitary Nigeria in his  book ‘Thoughts on The Nigerian Constitution’ in 1967, the Federal Government of Nigeria is now afflicted with ashes touch. Said Awo:  ‘Besides, it is not difficult to forecast that the work of government in Nigeria under a unitary constitution is bound to become unduly complex, inextricably tangled,extremely unwieldy and wasteful, and productive of disunity and discontent amongst the people. Unless we have veritable supermen at the helm of affairs,the administrative machinery would eventually disintegrate and break down under the crushing weight of ‘bureaucratic centralism’.

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Ten reasons to restructure Nigeria

ANY honest observer, who has seen how Nigeria has steadily and systematically moved from being a country of great promise to a country of great problems; anyone who knows that you have to look back to the past, instead of look forward, to see this country’s best years of national and regional progress, its years of great public and missionary schools and great education, of proud infrastructural achievements and the best life experiences – any such honest observer? can easily list more than a hundred reasons why Nigeria needs restructuring to stop the drift towards the development abyss.

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Island Club relives 1948 in 2017

Almost in unison, the demand by the citizens crying for restructuring is that we should return to the pattern of division of power and functions that prevailed between the Federal Government and the Regions from the 1950s to January 1966. This aspect of restructuring has, in this debate, become conceivably the easy task in the process of restructuring

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