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The enemy called distraction

I am a little confused about the things I hear and things I see. We seem to be romancing with a certain demon that ensures that we remain at the level of beginning all the time. My confusion is simple: when it appears as if there is going to be a measure of advancement, then we see ourselves slipping down again and I wonder; why? I ask, is it possible for us to, at least remain, at a spot, for some time, so that we don’t really degenerate. I am only asking that we be given the grace not the move at all since if we must, we always slide ‘downward’. There was a mad man, I mean a crazy man, not really an angry man, in my home some time ago who advanced this philosophy of “remaining where one is.” He had come to sympathize with some folks who were bereaved.

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Gov. Ikpeazu

Antecedents and precedents: Okezie Ikpeazu and hope for Abia state

I am bold to say that this is a season of hope for Nigeria. There are high expectations at the Federal, State and even Local Government levels following the just concluded general elections. While the APC led federal administration has made it clear to the citizens of this country that it is “baking” sweeping changes which are expected to pop out of the oven soon, some states are quite skeptical about the new wave.

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My Guilty Dream Again

I begin again, this week, with yet another relay of “My Guilty Dream.” The truth about it all is that no matter how hard I try, I just cannot stop dreaming. I dreamt that I was Head of Government. Please, don’t get me wrong, I did not see myself as Hon. Earnest Sonekan, who was appointed Head of Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, neither did I see myself go through the rigours of electioneering campaigns (with all forms of promises), and of course, I am far from the military circle, so forceful overthrow is equally ruled out, but I just emerged. That is the power of dreams.

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I started writing a novel in 1987 while I was still a student of English, at the University of Lagos where I teach now. I gave that novel a title I considered and still consider interesting and that title is a simple, gripping and somehow uncomfortable word; just one word: Guilty.

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Nigerian Capacity: The Process of Construction

Recently I have become literally obsessed with the term capacity. I have also tried to look at the term from some perspectives, but as I discuss it now, my intention is not to commercialize it, rather I will domesticate (privatize) it. By domesticating it, I shall be treating it in my “capacity” as a Nigerian, who lives and works in Lagos. I wish I could say, with deep and sincere conviction that I am a Nigerian and a Lagosian.

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For the love of country

By Chimdi Maduagwu There was a time when we heard… and it was as if things happened in a different world… but now we witness and we tell… because things now happen before our very eyes. Thanks to God for all these and also to the honourable people who make things happen. These, we want
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Providence takes care of fools!

The elections are here at last! There have been speculations on whether or not the elections will take place. Well, as my father would say, “Providence takes care of fools.” If I am one of the fools that populate the entire universe, then I am grateful to providence. If I am not, then … I am still grateful to providence for helping all of us take care of some of us, the very difficult amongst us. For this reason I say, thanks providence.

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