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Nigeria’s LPG demand rises by 40% to 840,000MT

Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Nigeria’s domestic demand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, increased from 600,000 metric tonnes, MT, to 840,000MT, indicating an increase of 40 per cent as at December, 2019.

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Focus on access to power, Sahara Group urges investors in UK, Africa

State of Nigeria’s electricity sector worsens —Investigation

With the privatisation of Electricity Generation Companies, GENCOS, Electricity Distribution Companies, DISCOS, expectations were high that it would culminate in improved power supply to Nigerians. But that was not to be. Investigations in many plants by UDEME AKPAN, Energy Editor, showed that operations were constrained by many challenges, including lack of liquidity, damaged components, inadequate gas as well as poor distribution and transmission facilities, thus resulting to huge losses, which stakeholders have promised to tackle this year.

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Abule Egba, pipeline

5 killed as pipeline fire razes homes, vehicles in Lagos

Tragedy struck late Sunday night, when yet to be identified under aged girl, her mother and three men were burnt to death following raging fire from a vandalised petroleum pipeline of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, at Ile-Epo, Ekoro, Abule -Egba, Oke Odo Local Government Area, inward Baruwa, Alimosho area of Lagos State. About 150 residents were displaced, as 39 vehicles and 30 buildings were affected by the inferno.

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