June 24, 2024

Bullied to Death: How Blaise Felix, was electrocuted by SS3 students – Ode

Bullied to Death: How Blaise Felix, was electrocuted by SS3 students – Ode

By Omeiza Ajayi

ABUJA: At four years, Blaise Felix was already an orphan. That was in 2013 when he and his twin brothers lost their parents.

Since then, they had been in the care of their aunts and uncles who took up the responsibility of sending the young Felix to the Air Force Comprehensive School in Kaduna.

The super intelligent lad who had kicked against bullying was himself a victim as he was bullied and electrocuted by two students who were just a year ahead of him. Felix was in Senior Secondary Two SS2.

His story was told by ace broadcaster, Inya Ode on her Facebook page. She said; “So, some days ago, I told you guys I would share something about Air Force Comprehensive School, Kaduna.
Well, here is the story… And it’s a very sad one.

“The last few days have been very difficult and so painful for our church family (Lux Terra Chaplaincy, Abuja). We lost one of our church sons on Wednesday, June 19.

“Blaize (Blaise) Felix was a super intelligent and brave 15 year-old SS2 student of Air Force Comprehensive School in Kaduna. He was the Assistant Head Boy.

“He was orphaned when he was 4 years-old in 2013 and he and his twin brothers have been in their Aunt and Uncle’s care since then.

“One would think he had crossed the stage of bullying but no… This son of ours was electrocuted to death by two SS3 boys for no just cause. These young men, who were already on their way out of school, snuffed the life out of Blaize for reasons best known to them.

And this happened to us.

“Well, the Air Force say they are investigating so we await the reports of this. But we all know that if this was a private school, it would have been shut down the day it happened.

“The picture below was from the last time Blaize was home, during the Easter Break. He answered a question on Good Shepherd Sunday (April 21, 2024) about Leadership.

“As the Assistant Head Boy, that day he made a commitment to never bully his juniors. Hmmmmmmmmmm! Yet, the same thing he fought against took his life.

“Well, God knows best and, difficult as it is, we COMPLETELY SURRENDER to His perfect will.

“May his Amazingly Phenomenal soul rest in God’s perfect peace, and may all left behind to mourn him find strength and comfort in the HOPE of the Resurrection, we ask through Christ our Lord, Amen.

“All will be well… Through the Love of God our Saviour ALL WILL BE WELL.