March 28, 2024

Okuama: Soldiers’ invasion of Clark’s home, disrespectful, Mayor Akpodoro tells military



By Tunde Oso

The Mayor of Urhoboland and renowned ex-agitator, Eshanekpe Israel a.k.a Akpodoro has expressed solidarity with the elder statesman, Pa Edwin Kiagbodo Clark on the invasion of his home recently by men of the Nigerian army of his country home in Kiagbodo, Delta State, describing the action of the soldiers as disrespectful, maintaining that such act amounts to expression of brute force.

The Mayor’s reaction was contained in a statement he sent to Vanguard, condemning the action of the soldiers, who claimed to have gone to the elder stateman’s country home in search of persons at large, who were alleged to have been involved in regrettable massacre of 17 men along Forcados River in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, South-South Nigeria, insisting that the search was unnecessary and most unwarranted on the household of the man he described as the patriarch of the Niger Delta region.

According to Akpodoro, “It is a general knowledge that the elderly former Minister of Information, with his standing in the society and as one of the living legend of the Nigerian state, Akpodoro said considering all that he represents in the annals of the ‘of our nation’ Elder Clark couldn’t have stooped so low to frolic or harbour a wanted criminal, who committed such heinous crime.

The centenarian, Akpodoro noted, may have been deliberately embarrassed by the soldiers at the behest of those who don’t like what the elder statesman represents in the life of the Niger Delta region, particularly his hate for the looters of the commonwealth of the regional economy.

He stated that Pa Clark deserves to be respected like his contemporaries in the North, who can never be so insulted through such denigration in the guise of a security breach that was avoidable.

“The Okuama incident” according to Akpodoro, “was avoidable if the security agents had been proactive and diligent in their duties to the nation.”

Akpodoro maintained, “Before now, security in the creeks was compromised for pecuniary reasons and it is no news that the today’s suspect have always been hand-in-glove with security agents along that axis only for him to turn against those who gave him undeserved privileges.”

“That search on Pa Clark’s was an affront to all well-meaning Niger Deltans and it was meant to provoke thoughts and anger by demagogues, whose stock in trade is conflict entrepreneurship, but, we shall pretend that nothing happened this time, but next time such action may provoke serious upheavals.

“Our own must be respected like his contemporaries in the North. The people of the Niger Delta can not remain the underdog of the Nigerian establishment at all times. Pa Clark is like our king in the region and whosoever insults him under any guise will have the youths of the region to beat. Enough of the rascality of the soldiers,” the Mayor who doubles as the President of the National Coalition of Delta Ex-Agitators, NCNDE-A stated,  even as he called on the Nigerian authority to institute a high-powered commission of inquiry into the blood letting that claimed the lives of the 17 soldiers including four senior officers penultimate week.