March 18, 2023

Polls: Lagos residents reject thugs threats to vote APC

Polls: Lagos residents reject thugs threats to vote APC

By Prince Osuagwu

Massive fight has broken out at Abule-Ado and Abule Oshun area of Satellite Town of Lagos State as Area boys and thugs insist no one can vote unless he or she shows evidence they will vote for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

At  Polling Unit 014, Abule Ado, accreditation was barely half way as at 11.45 am let alone voting.

Area boys at the unit tactically frustrated every move made by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials to have a smooth process. Voters in the area complained that some thugs brought in bus-load of boys who bulldozed their way to the front row of the table where INEC officials sat and requested to be accredited for voting. The INEC officials after searching for the names on the list a couple of times without success, asked them to give way for other people, but it appears to fall on their deaf ears. Police officers guarding the polling unit appeared to be helpless when this reporter approached them to take action. The scores of people who have queued for hours were visibly frustrated and appeared to confront the situation in their own way.

Even when all the party Agents at the unit elected to help the INEC officials in searching for the names, it eventually did not produce results.

Labour Party Agent at the unit Mr Orji Chimezie accused the police officers of colluding with the thugs who he alleged were APC members to frustrate people from voting in the area known to be Labour Party strong hold. He appealed to INEC to request for Army officials to be sent to the area to maintain orderliness since, according to him, police has failed in that duty.

However, five minutes after his call, at about 12.05 pm massive fight broke out.

Scores of frustrated voters forced their way to the table and disrupted the process. In ensued into a free for all and the INEC officials threatened not to continue with conducting election in the unit under that circumstance.

At polling unit 04 Abule Oshun, haggard looking street urchins, armed with guns and bottles blocked the road and stopped those who didn’t declare for APC from going into the unit.

A little resistance from some group of boys caused serious arguments and in a moment sporadic gunshots rent the air with broken bottles flying freely in the air. Everybody scampered for safety and INEC officials were not also exempted.