March 11, 2023

Love can’t save marriage – Actress Ijeoma Thomas

<strong>Love can’t save marriage – Actress Ijeoma Thomas</strong>

By Ayo Onikoyi

The idea that love is all that is needed to make a marriage work has been knocked down by Nollywood actress, Ijeoma Thomas, who believes that love is not enough to make a marriage work. According to the actress, who was spotted in a movie role proposing marriage to Yul Edochie, love is not the foundation of marriage, adding that there are other components that make up marriage and the family unit.

She explains further, “There are so many divorces and separations today because love doesn’t keep couples together, love can’t save marriage. All those that have divorced or are separated were once in love with each other. In fact, many that are divorced or separated now still love each other, but they can’t stay together again as couples because the other factors are not there, or were never there from the beginning of the relationship. They were both blinded with love of the flesh and self-centered. What we call love today is self-centeredness.”

Speaking further in the one-on-one session with Potpourri, Ijeoma who started production of her own movies since 2009 highlights other factors to be considered in making a marriage work.

“A successful marriage hinges on knowledge, understanding, wisdom, respect, values, love and trust. Now, when you, as a lady, know the value of your man, you will give him that high honour and respect by proposing to him before you lose him to another. Also in the same order, when a man knows the value of his lady, he will give her that joy and happiness by proposing to her before he loses her to another man, therefore before you take that step to propose to your lovely lady as a man, ask yourself what’s her value. Not in material or monetary terms, but values in terms of godliness, cleanliness, transparency, respect and honour. These are some of the values the man should look for in the woman he wants to marry,” she states.

The actress concluded that either the man or the  woman can make the move to propose marriage.