March 29, 2023

Dear Bunmi, his dad’s prowess is unbelievable

Dear Bunmi, my teenage daughter's ruining my relationship

MY boyfriend and I have been courting for about a year and I stay over at his house for weekends.

His parents are divorced and my boyfriend lives with his father. His dad is not interested in remarrying but has a string of girlfriends.

My boyfriend works in a bank and often goes to the office on Saturday mornings to catch up on some paper work. As soon as he leaves, however, I sneak off to his dad’s side of the house and we always have great sex.
The man’s prowess is unbelievable and he has taught me a lot on how to really enjoy sex. Whenever I ask my boyfriend to try some of these things his dad taught me, he becomes wide-eyed and wants to know when and from whom I learned such ‘perverted’ acts.

I’m having the best of two worlds, as my boyfriend’s dad is very generous to me. If it comes to choosing between him and his dad, I’m afraid I would go for the dad any day. Should I tell my boyfriend?
Juliana, by e-mail.

Dear Juliana,
Why don’t you ask his dad how he would feel if you were to throw over his son for him?

You’re obviously playing with fire and, sooner or later, you will get burnt.

The only person I feel sorry for is your boyfriend.

If you’re as randy as you’ve made out in your letter, then you should cast your net further afield – it would be a shame to hurt a family that shows you nothing but hospitality.

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