August 31, 2022

Sam Zuga celebrates success after 2 years of launching African financial revolution project

Sam Zuga celebrates success after 2 years of launching African financial revolution project

World’s First Professor of Digital Economy, cerebral businessman and philanthropist, Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga is today celebrating two years of launching the African financial revolution project.

The cleric also known as Jehova’s Field Marshal is renowned for his passion for giving back to society and has been at forefront of fighting poverty in Nigeria through the establishment of the First Cryptocurrency in Africa, Zugacoin.

Through a statement released on his social media pages, the Archbishop stated how much he has sacrificed to make Nigeria a better place for us.

He also emphasized on the need for the Nigerian government to move into a digital economy and stop the printing of Naira.

His full statement obtained by Vanguard reads: “It is exactly 2 years today, from the day I paid return flight tickets, transport, accommodation and feeding for all who attended the first AFRICAN FINANCIAL REVOLUTION CONFERENCE (AFREC) in Mubi Adamawa State.

After abandoning everything in Dubai and transporting all the people that I relocated to Dubai with, I came back to create another NIGERIA inside Nigeria. The hard decision was taken on the 10/02/2020 after my encounter with desperate and frustrated young Nigerians in Dubai.

I told my listeners during the conference that I need to form a community of 10,000 people to prepare them for the challenges ahead of Nigeria. I told them that Naira is going to keep falling until the government will move into a digital economy and stop the printing of Naira, simply because, the cost of printing one sheet of a Naira note is more expensive than the value of that note. I told them that we need to be ahead of the government because they are yet to know that a time like that will come. I read a piece in the Bible that says A PRUDENT MAN FORESEES EVIL AND HIDE HIMSELF, BUT THE FOOLISH RUN INTO IT AND ARE DESTROYED. I told them that I am a prudent Man and I came to prepare them to hide from the danger ahead.

Samzuga foundation multi purpose cooperative society was established immediately after the conference as a platform to form the community. The community was to be following me as a father, that is why it was nicknamed Samzuga Family . My job was to be bringing ideas and business opportunities for the family to make them richer, peaceful and more comfortable than other Nigerians. That would become another NIGERIA inside Nigeria.

Membership registration was by capacity and category. There was a registration fee according to capacity and category. When ZUGACOIN was eventually launched in December 2020, it was shared to the registered members of the community according to their registration. Cryptocurrency was to be used according to the vision of the community, not for the community to be run according to cryptocurrency rules. The community was not established because of cryptocurrency.

All the things I told my listeners on 31/8/2020, some have happened, some are happening, some will still happen.

I started ZUGACOIN as the first cryptocurrency in Africa, CBN attacked vigorously but later started eNaira that is the first CBDC in Africa one year later. I registered ZUGACOIN Merchants to be accepting ZUGACOIN as a means of transaction, CBN started registering eNaira Merchants recently and announced that paper currency will not be in circulation soon.

I may not get it right as quickly as expected because I am alone and under severe attack both inside and outside, but I am happy because, Nigeria as a government is following my ideas. Since they have financial and human resources, I will be happy if they can achieve faster. I believe they will introduce Scan To Pay for eNaira very soon.

Recently, it was all over the news that experts warned Nigerians to stay away from ZUGACOIN because it is a Ponzi scheme, I want to tell them that, I established a community before starting cryptocurrency, this community cannot take instructions from bloggers, they take instructions from me and I am proud of them. I am advising those who are sponsoring the Media attack on ZUGACOIN to use the money for something better, ZUGACOIN is not a Nigerian product, it is only found by a Nigerian, it is a global brand and not a Ponzi scheme.

I want to encourage members of the Samzuga Family to stay strong and more committed. We have achieved a lot, we are going to achieve more. ZUGACOIN has positively changed the lives of many people, more people are going to be changed. Let us rise up and fight our enemies together and win the battle.


Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga.”