April 22, 2024

Who is archbishop Sam Zuga?


Professor Samzuga, a native of Abako in  Mbajir council ward of Katsina-Ala Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria.  He is a Pan-African figure of exceptional repute.

A man of diverse talents, Prof. Samzuga is a clergyman, philanthropist, educator, politician, motivational speaker, and the esteemed Archbishop of House of Joy Ministries International. He is also the President and founder of the Samzuga Foundation, CEO of Samzuga Business Empire, and CEO of World Blockchain Network.

Furthermore, Prof. Samzuga serves as the founding Provost of Samzuga Institute of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Economy. His contributions to society have been recognized with an impressive 47 chieftaincy titles across Nigeria and Africa, including recognition from the major tribes in Nigeria and Muslim communities.

Adding to his accolades, Prof. Samzuga has been awarded seven doctorate degrees from various universities worldwide, including institutions in the USA and Israel. He holds the distinction of being the first professor of digital economy in the world, appointed by a reputable African university. Additionally, he has been appointed as the first envoy of digital economy by the United Nations, through the International Society of Diplomats.

Prof. Samzuga’s innovation extends to the financial sector as well. He is the founder of the first digital currency in Africa, Zugacoin, and the first 3in1 digital currency in the world. Furthermore, he has established the first independent cryptocurrency bank powered by artificial intelligence, known as SAMZUGA GPT.

Notably, Prof. Samzuga is the first living soul to appear on a currency worldwide. His pioneering spirit is further evident in his establishment of the first app store, digital currencies tracker, independent blockchain explorer, and scan-to-pay system in Africa.

In a remarkable demonstration of his commitment to environmental causes, Prof.  Samzuga introduced Green Zugacoin, the first digital currency to sponsor climate change projects globally. This groundbreaking initiative was unveiled during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (CoP26) in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Prof. Samzuga’s intrepreneurial spirit shines through his establishment of twelve different digital currencies, the highest number offered by any single company in the global market.

His international engagements include memberships in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Abuja Chamber of Commerce, and various prestigious fellowships in the United Kingdom. He serves as the Director of African Affairs for the Association of Global Peace Advocates, headquartered in Denmark.

Prof. Samzuga’s global recognition includes the Global Citizen award by the Universal Peace Federation, making him one of only two recipients in Nigeria, alongside former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He is also a Fellow of the International Chartered World Learned Society, with headquarters in Argentina.

In his benevolence, Prof. Samzuga has sponsored many people abroad and also placed students on scholarships. He donated cars to Kings, clergy men and young entrepreneurs as well as extending donating food and relief materials in IDP camps across Nigeria. Samzuga also donates food to Muslim during the month of Ramadan. Over twenty million Nigerians benefited from his free medical treatment outreach under Samzuga Foundation, among others.

In addition to his numerous achievements, Prof. Samzuga is a licensed importer of gold and precious stones in Dubai and a member of the Nigeria Miners Association. His impact is felt not only in Nigeria but across the African continent and beyond.