January 1, 2022

FIRTS: Young Nigerians echoe their training benefits

FIRTS: Young Nigerians echoe their training benefits

By Moses Nosike

The Nigeria of today is in need of  initiatives, programmes, empowerment skills that is youth oriented and as well tackle unemployment, crime, drug abuse among them. So, the idea of Face of Images Reality TV Show is to gather youths and help them discover their multiple talents to make them become self-relient and further create jobs in their environent and society at large.

However, some of the contestants of the Reality TV Show Season 5 with titled, ‘The Game of Chest’, are happy relating their experience while they were in the House receiving training.

One of the finalists, Balogun Hephzibah a.k.a Zee said that the show was entertaining, very good for me because I was able to learn a lot of things. I’m a  make-up artist also doing little acting in the room because I’m always scared of facing the camera, but when I entered the House, I learnt how to face the camera, how to write scripts and edit videos and others. I’m also a nursing student.

Balogun said that the programme had made her understand she can add make-up business to the entertainment industry and make money.

I thank the organisers for the opportunity given to us young Nigerians to participate in the programme and learn new ideas that can shape our talents.

I therefore advise youths to search for opportunities and don’t relent, and most importantly, don’t do drugs.

Another contestant, Oyedotun Oyebode a.k.a Dotish said, “I got to know about the Reality TV Show on Instagram through a friend and I jumped on it and here I am today.

The process is all about your fans keep voting for you from the first day of eviction to the last day of the show. It has been fans rooting for me, keeping me in the house, the energy and the likes. I must tell you the programme has impacted a lot of things I have never experienced before now. The synergy and the spirit of unity. The platform made me meet people that today we have become friends. I learnt how to believe on yourself to do great things and never look down on yourself. And whatever you find youself doing, do it well.

Now I’m into branding, I make shirts, customised frames, mugs etc. The platform game the ability to showcase my brand in the House and after the programme, they gave me contract as well. Face of Images Reality TV Show is a platform where you can showcase your talent, discover your mission, vision, etc. 

In addition, Mukoro Serah a.k.a Seraphina a contestant at the show said, “the programme has actually brought out the best in me because there are somethings I’m doing right now which I was not able to do. It is a good platform for youths to discover themselves early if you know what you want to do or achieve in life.

I’m a make-up artist, I’m also working in a  micro finance bank. Actually doing those two things I mentioned above is not easy, but I believe in starting somewhere and this platform has given me that opportunity to start from a place. I will apple the knowledge I gathered in this programme to my make-up business.

I want to use this medium to tell my friends that anything you have passion for, don’t let anything kill it, and the sky will be your limit. This is my first time of participating TV Reality Show.