November 27, 2021

We are building estates that would be off Nigerian power system — Gtext Homes

We are building estates that would be off Nigerian power system — Gtext Homes

By Ephraim Oseji

Africa’s leading real estate company in terms of green and smart houses, Gtext Homes, has stated that their luxurious estates will be off the Nigerian power system, and that all their buildings will generate its own electricity through renewable energy.

The company’s Banana Island branch manager, Richard Osakue Ajayi, disclosed this at a press conference on Tuesday, after unveiling their new headquarters in Banana Island, Lagos, stating the homes built by Gtext will not need generators and will not be dependent on the unstable power supply in Nigeria.

“Basically for us, constant power supply is key. That is why we said we are going to be using renewable energy. We have a central sewage system in which we will be recycling waste into bio-gas, the bio-gas for now will be used for cooking.

“For electricity, we are in talks with experts from the US, to help us recycle plastic into electricity but we are starting with the solar and inverters. There will be no generators in our estates, zero emission, clean environment. We are bringing in green and smart homes and we are the pioneers in Africa.”

Citing the case of the Ikoyi collapsed building, he further stated that one of the goals of Gtext homes is building sustainable houses, using experts with experience from all over the world and quality materials that can stand the test of time.

“The 21 storey building that came down in Ikoyi is something we had already seen. Like prophets, we foresee problems like this and we work hard to make sure we don’t have issues like these.”

Also weighing in was Omotunde Adebowale, popular as Lolo1, Brand ambassador to Gtext Homes. She explained that one of the trains it is easy for her to stay with Gtext is that they “Gtext is very current about global practices. It is a company that understands delivering the right structures for viable frequency on investment.

In terms of empowerment, the real estate company created Gtext Homes Consultant Program, a program that enables and empowers people to earn millions as residual income when they sell any of their lands and properties across the world.

Ajayi also stated that Gtxt homes is into partnership for investment, through their subsidiary, Gvest, where individuals can invest in agriculture, technology and real estate and get back enough profit.