By Juliet Umeh

Veteran educationists, Mrs. Chinelo Okolo, has warned parents to desist from deploying computer systems in Children’s bedroom, saying it kills more than it can save in terms of improving the children’s academic excellence.

Okolo said that isolated children may eventually become unhappy and just cannot learn effectively. She rather advised parents to increase their child’s independence and responsibilities, saying that transition to secondary school is an ideal time to ensure they complete appropriate chores.

Speaking at the 2021 Valedictory Ceremony and Prize-Giving Day of ReapVille Schools, Mafoluku-Oshodi in Lagos State,  Okolo noted that most often, it could be difficult to give children the required study space and quiet vicinity they need to enable them do their best especially in secondary school.

She pointed out that the children’s bedroom is the last place for computers, because there is need for continuous monitoring of what or whom they have access to on the computer.

She also stated that nowadays, many children of secondary school age may be asking parents for mobile phones, that is if they do not already have, and wondered if children really need to have smart phones in their bedrooms at night. She warned parents and guardians to be vigilant for that eerie glow of light coming from their child’s room at midnight, because it could spell doom.

She said: “Use of mobile phones as well as the computer needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that your child has enough sleep and maintains healthy contacts. For parents of those beginning secondary school, you should underscore the fact that you must listen to them, spend some quality time having conversations, and make sure that such conversations are two ways. This could be achieved through sharing parental values and getting your child’s opinions. It helps in building their confidence,” she added.

Okolo also cautioned that parents must strive to know who their wards’  friends are, who their parents are and what they do.

She noted that school is not just for academic development; friendships are also important for social development and positive mental health.

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