Budding actress and fashion entrepreneur, Ebun Hodo, the CEO of Hodees clothing line is of the opinion that men cheat more than women in relationships.

According to her, it is in the nature of men to cheat.

Hodo Ebun believes men are polygamous in nature, “So, even when they cheat, no one is surprised; it is not alarming. In fact, it is no longer news.”

Hodo added, “Men cheat more than women. Men cheat more because, in our society, we believe it’s in their nature to cheat. That is one of the reasons marriages are crashing daily, scaring the younger generations.”

Asked if she liked the attention she usually got from men because of her busty nature, she said, “It makes me feel bad because I know who I am and what I have. At the same time, we live in an era where boobs and bums are the latest trend, so I cherish my boobs.”

Ebun Hodo added that she is not after material possessions and money in a relationship, saying, “I am not after money. I just want to be comfortable. I am not really after a rich guy. I can work and together, we can make a great family and make good money.”

Describing her features, Ms Ebun gushes, “I am a baby girl that always knew I could be. I’m fierce but gentle. I’m valuable yet strong and ambitious. I owe it to myself to be consistent. I owe it to myself to stay focused, beauty is in the heart not face. I’m beautiful in and out.”

The fashion brand CEO also had a few words for those who are not pleased with her personality, “Even though you don’t like me or you’re seeing me as an intimidation no problem, but if you try to take what is mine God will punish you. The sky is big enough for all of us to fly in peace,” she stated.

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