May 30, 2021

Insecurity: Anglican Bishop, Ogunedo calls on FG to convoke urgent nat’l confab

Police nab 48 suspects over Mile 12 crisis, adopts 24 hours surveillance

…begs FG to stop ongoing carnage in Imo

By Gabriel Ewepu

AS Nigerians remain at the mercy of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and killer-herdsmen with ravaging effects of insecurity in the country, an Anglican Bishop, Rt Rev Chamberlain Ogunedo, weekend, called on the Federal Government to urgently convoke a national conference.

Ogunedo who is the Bishop of the Diocese of Mbaise, Anglican Communion made call, Saturday, at the 2nd session, 10th synod of the Diocese held at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Obizi in Ezinihittee Mbaise Local Government of Imo State, while delivering his a sermon with theme ‘God is Ever Faithful,  Ever Sure’.

He charged those in authority representing the people with their mandate at all levels to as a matter of urgency appreciate and appropriate their privileged positions for the common good of the citizens.

He said: “The need for an unbiased national conference among the component areas of our great country is imperative and of urgent demand. And more do the need to look into the grievances of the dissenting people of the nation without molestation, victimization and intimidation is a cogent step in the right direction towards redirecting a new agenda to addressing the menace of this ceaseless urge to have a truly democratic nation where every man’s view is important and our constitution and the rule of law, made standard for governance.

“The state of insecurity is most alarming, a situation that has bargained our fundamental rights for the military deployment with reckless abuse of power, harassment and wanton killing of Nigerians.”

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The clergyman further stated that, “Those who are slaves are not only those who are bound in chains and sold as slaves but those, who accept it both mentally and physically.

“The looming slave structure that is overtaking us should be drastically condemned and constitutionally reviewed to embrace a peaceful and harmonious environment devoid of molestation, breach of law and order and the abuse of civil rights of citizens.”

In a way of sending a Save Our Soul, SOS, message to government over the terror unleashed in Imo State, the Bishop begged President Muhammadu Buhari, to stop the ongoing carnage in Imo State perpetrated by yet to be identified persons.

According to him, the Eastern Heartland ( Imo State ) is besieged and traumatised by hardship occasioned by bad governance,  insensitivity to the immediate needs in the area of indiscriminate and well coordinated distribution of rural infrastructure,  well articulated and timely payment of due salaries of workers and the pensions and gratuities of senior citizens and not forgetting the appropriation of the people’s commonwealth to the welfare of the State in general.

However, speaking on Nigeria attaining nationhood of 61 years after gaining independence on October 1, 2021, said with the current state of affairs across the country “it is yet to come to terms with the divine purpose that had knotted her six geo- political zones and the mystery of her multi-ethnic nature, multi- religious and cultural diversity, languages and being the most populous black race.”

He added that, “Our hope as a nation lies in the hand of God, and government and all stakeholders as well as leaders and patriots should rise up to the challenge of ensuring good governance with human face where adjudication of justice is administered within the ambit of the law and guarding our common goals and aspirations as a state and as a nation.”