The threat of cyberattacks on multinationals and critical infrastructure such as power plants is increasing year after year. With better connectivity comes more risk of cybersecurity attacks – and thus, to make sure the security is designed into all processes and products, cybersecurity experts possessing experience across a range of sectors work with the technology centers in order to cyber-secure future technology. Goh En Wei Mervyn, a cybersecurity analyst, with a background in blockchain development, shares his insights on cybersecurity within different industries.

The figures are alarming – every few seconds, there’s a hacker attack in some or the other part of the world, says Mervyn. As the rise in cases of cyberattacks shows very less signs of narrowing, the black hat turned ethical hacker believes businesses will be closely pursued if they avoid increasing their investments in cybersecurity in the foreseeable future. He further added, small businesses, particularly, face the brunt of cyberattacks, and the count is only expected to double up.

As someone who’s worked on countless projects for private companies, through his first-hand experience, Mervyn suggests, “Eventually, as new technologies get introduced, hacking trends are likely to adapt and the number of attacks that the industry needs to be safeguarded against will only multiply. If you ask me, I’d say, there isn’t really a silver bullet that facilitates a business to totally protect themselves against hackers, but there are several defensive actions that help. Being focused on doing the basics well, by meticulously implementing ‘cyber essentials’ is a great point of start for any business. Risk identification and mitigation remain crucial to administrative controls and business security, in my opinion.”

There isn’t a better time to invest in cybersecurity than now, even if it means getting dedicated to something as basic as staff training, shares Goh En Wei Mervyn. He further adds and concludes by saying, “The cliché of being prepared for the unexpected is typically spoken about in the cyber world. We all know our systems have the potential to be attacked – what matters is how well prepared we and our business is!”


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