January 27, 2021

Cyber attacks: Tros Technologies equips SMEs with counter attacking techniques

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By Prince Osuagwu

With the Advent of Coronavirus pandemic, both Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs and many corporate organisation have been forced to work remotely.

This has also provided unfettered access to cybercriminals to attack the most vulnerable organisations.

While most of them incur huge losses, others go out of business as a result.

But an indigenous tech solution provider, Tros Technologies, says with a little training and rigorous application of some counter-attacking techniques, these organisations, particularly the SMEs should be able to safeguard their systems and do business without hassles.

The tech company said it has developed a free counter-attacking cybersecurity training to help regain the foothold cyber attackers have almost wrenched from industry players.

It described the training as an engaging online video-based training program to help small and medium enterprises and big corporate organisations in the country tackle the rising trend of cyber risks.

The company said it also created EasyAppz, a platform where small and medium-sized businesses can create   personal Apps thereby enhancing their business digitization capacities.

Managing Director of the company, Mr. Muyiwa Awosile,   explained that the cybersecurity training program is designed to educate employees on common threats to their organizations. It also offers small and medium-sized businesses a new way to educate their employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices, especially during this coronavirus pandemic period.

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Awosile said: “As many of the businesses in our community have shifted to remote working, we wanted to ensure that these businesses aren’t putting themselves at greater risk.

“Working remotely has its perks, but also comes with great risks. We’re seeing a huge rise in COVID-19 scams which can pose a major risk to the security of our local businesses.

“That’s why we’re rolling out free cybersecurity training to any organization that wants it. Whether you’re currently a customer or not, we want to make sure employees have some knowledge of how to protect themselves. “Right now, all that matters to us is coming together to protect our community,” he added.

He promised that certificates would be given to companies that participate in the training alongside complementary phishing test on the employees and an easy-to-manage portal with employee metrics.

On the EasyAppz, Awosile said   through the platform, an App can be developed in just three steps.

He said: “The first step is to select app layout from our template library, choose from ready-made colour themes and add content like images, text and your business location and contact information and see what your app looks like in the design preview area.

“The second step, is to add features from our library. We offer you a long list of features grouped into the following categories: Monetisation, Contact, Customisation, Social Media, Events, Miscellaneous and more.

“The third is to customize the way your app looks, add your app icon and publish in Appstore, Google Playstore or create a link for a Progressive Web App (PWA). Monitise your app if you wish with Google Admob and watch your app generate a steady stream of advertising income.”

He noted that the platform presents Awosile further stressed that the EazyAppz platform presents a unique opportunity for business owners to promote their operations and brands beyond their immediate geographical settings by leveraging digital resources.

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