November 28, 2020

 MASS DEFECTIONS: No normal person ‘ll join APC now – Owie, Fadaka, MBF, others


Roland Owie

Roland Owie

By Clifford Ndujihe, Dayo Johnson, Levinus Nwabughiogu, Peter Duru, Shina Abubakar & James Ogunnaike

LEADERS of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have continued to flay Chairman of the Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State, over his boast that his party would shock Nigerians with unprecedented defections never witnessed Nigeria’s political history.

No normal person ‘ll join APC now —Owie

Former Chip Whip of the Senate, Senator Roland Owie said no normal person would join APC now.

Quoting Edo parable that says ‘the mouth cannot tell the owner not to talk with it,’ he said: ‘’ Why will a normal person decide to join APC this time, when the country has collapsed in the hand of APC Government? The average Nigerian family today can’t put food on their tables. A bag of rice which sold for N7,500 under the PDP controlled Federal Government sells for N31,500 while a litre of fuel which sold for N87 per litre under PDP now sells for N165 per litre.

These are a few basic issues that affect all Nigerians. Therefore, anybody joining APC now is not for the common good of the people but for selfish personal gain. With the recent governorship election in Edo State, it is clear that Nigerian voters have taken their powers to themselves. They can now ; collect’ from APC and go and vote PDP. By the grace of God, PDP will take over Nigeria in 2023.’’

APC has always shocked Nigerians – Rep Chinda

Taunting APC, a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kingsley Chinda, representing Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency of River State, said: “APC has always shocked Nigerians with one meal per day, one naira to a dollar, 40 naira per litter of petrol and six months to clear insurgency.”

It’s a wishful thinking – Ogundele, Ogun PDP chairman

The PDP in Ogun State described Buni’s boast that more PDP members would defect to the APC as a wishful thinking .

Speaking in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Ogun State PDP Chairman, Dr. Sikirulah Ogundele, said no PDP governor would defect to APC whose administration in the last five years has failed Nigerians.

“APC National Caretaker Chairman is day-dreaming. It is a wish that will never materialise. There is no PDP governor that will join APC considering the fact that the party has failed Nigerians. No reasonable or right thinking politician will join APC at this moment of their failure”, Ogundele said, adding that PDP is waxing stronger in the state and ready to receive Governor Dapo Abiodun and other defectors from APC into its fold.Kingsley Chinda, Lawmaker

Ogundele boasted that the PDP will come back stronger in the 2023 general election and ready to take over from APC, to provide the desired leadership for the country.

Those defecting to APC have skeletons in their cupboards – MBF

Also, National President of the Middle Belt Forum, MBF, Dr. Pogu Bitrus, stated that politicians defecting to the APC are those who have cases and problems hanging on them or those who have skeleton in their cupboards.

He said he would therefore not be amazed if the assertion by the APC that it would shock Nigerians with massive defections actually happen because people were being coaxed and intimidated to join the APC.

His words: “Of course I will not be surprised if that happens because if you look at the characters who defect, they are people who have cases, skeleton in their cupboards or some problem hanging on them.

“That means that they are being coaxed or intimidated into coming into the party to have safe haven so that they would be safe from prosecution and other things.

“So that technique, I believe is what they are going to use. So I won’t be surprised if we have people who have skeletons in their cupboards seeking cover in the party.”

Pogu Bitrus

APC can’t be party of choice after two recessions in five years – MBMJP

On his part, the Convener of Middle Belt Movement for Justice and Peace, MBMJP, Comrade Joe Bukka said “It will be foolhardy for any politician to opt for a party that has unleashed unimaginable poverty and pains on Nigerians.

“A party that dragged Nigeria into recession twice in five years should certainly not be a party of choice for any right thinking politician.

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“Nigerians have now realized that they were deceived into voting out former President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP in 2015 and no right thinking person would want our country to remain in the hands of a political party that has led us to become the poverty capital of the world.

“Under the watch of APC we have witnessed the escalation of insecurity and insurgency in the country. Nigerians are going through terrible hardship. Families cannot feed and our children are dropping out of school because we cannot pay their tuition.

“This is a political party that gave us so much hope in 2015 that it will fight corruption and transform our country, but today all those who they claimed were corrupt have ran into APC and gained immunity from prosecution for corruption.

“Armed herdsmen are killing and sacking our people from their ancestral land and this APC government turns a blind eye to their atrocities. They have refused to take action to end the killings.

“An APC led government that refused to tag well armed killer herdsmen a terrorist group as acknowledged in parts of the world but choose to slam IPOB an unarmed group as a terrorists organisation is certainly not a party a well thinking politician should be proud to identify with.’’

Instead of mass defections, implosion awaits APC – Fadaka

Former Publicity Secretary of the PDP in the South-West, Ayo Fadaka said, the talk and hope of Governor Buni of massive defections to his party clearly underscores his faulty reading of political developments in the nation.

‘’Rather than anticipate a harvest for APC, he should be more concerned about the looming trepidations that will make APC to burst at the seams.

Governor Buni should even be concerned about numerous court cases that are centered around his illegal occupation of the office of chairman of the party which runs counter to constitutional provisions that Governors are precluded from occupying any other executive positions, and there he is, not realising that his action is capable of effecting serious reversal of his party’s fortunes in same manner it had happened before in Bayelsa State.

“If because of Ebonyi’s Gov Dave Umahi’s defection, he thinks its harvest time, then he is mistaken.

APC continues to remain a party of strange bedfellows whose contradicting agendas will come to the fore as we inch towards 2023, then conflict of ambitions will tear the party into pieces, and we will begin to assimilate them in bits. APC will certainly eclipse along side Buhari’s Presidency as that is the only reason for its formation and existence.’’

APC’s lack of empathy ‘ll repel Nigerians – Odeyemi

PDP Deputy National Publicity Scribe, Diran Odeyemi, on his part, described the APC as ‘’a gathering of wicked people, whose lack of empathy for Nigerians would not attract people to the party.

“What has the APC) done for Nigerians to warrant members of other parties, especially PDP to defect into their fold? They are only playing on the intelligence of Nigerians, simply because of two defections, that of Governor David Umahi and Senator Elisha Abbo, which they were covering with big lies. The formula we are using for them is minus one plus four.

“The APC actions in recent times as portrayed them as a party that lacks quality persons that can effectively lead Nigeria. The visit by the APC Governors to Dr Jonathan showed that they always look into the PDP for persons of quality to come into their fold and run for election. For us in the PDP, we have not zoned the Presidency to any geo-political zone yet, so, we are still very much open to diverse ideas from all quarters.”