July 25, 2020

Edo 2020: Obaseki’s performance will earn him second term — Atu

•Fate brought Shaibu to executive arm of government

By Ozioruva Aliu

Benjamin Atu is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu. He expresses confidence that Governor Obaseki will win his second term with ease.

On Shaibu’s alleged governorship ambition for 2024

I can categorically tell you the allegation is not true. It is just some persons trying to create things that do not exist.

It was never in his dream to become a Deputy Governor. He had always loved to serve in the legislative aspect of governance because responsibility and responsiveness to the people keep one alert and ensure a measure of fairness to everyone.

How can you accuse a man who was never planning to even become a Deputy Governor that he wants to be a governor? Where did such discussion take place?  Festus Ebea should get his legal team ready for further explanation.

You saw Shaibu’s reaction to this recently where he described him as a mercenary and he has never been close to him. His friends who know him know that legislating is his business and I have no idea where Festus Ebea cooked up that allegation to distract the good people of Edo Central from tormenting Ize-Iyamu with dented credentials.

Shaibu loves bearing the burden of people because he has the capacity to endure and fight for the future of people and parliament offers such opportunity to fight for the nation.

Why Obaseki will win his second term

Obaseki winning his second term election on September 19th is sure because his achievements speak volume and they are sufficient to guarantee victory at the poll.

Governor Obaseki has taken several steps in the last three years to move the State from a Civil Service State into an economic hub. The truth is that a lot is happening in Edo State that the World is not aware of. What Governor Godwin Obaseki is doing is mind blowing.

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In the last three and half years, by virtue of dedicated focus, he came to the realisation that commerce and industry offer very important measurement and gauge for assessment of the economic growth, strength and health of any society. The Government was worried about the crushing poverty in the State and conceived and embarked on micro credit program as part of efforts in bringing the issue of poverty reduction to the forefront of administration.

There is the revolution in the agricultural sector with several farmers getting government support unlike in the past where such monies disappeared. The state government was able to use the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide some of the needed funds and the state government serves as guarantor to the farmers and helps them to do their farming. Just a few months ago, Governor Godwin Obaseki handed over cheques of various amounts to farmers as their profit after a successful cultivation and sales of their produce.

Businesses that started as very small basic micro businesses have started turning into cottage industries and small businesses. Since the Government has this kind of ingenuity and resilience towards ensuring the eradication of poverty why then are we struggling for a change of government?.

This administration and its programme are good ingenuity for the state. If we can continue with this for the next four years we will promote employment for both the skilled and unskilled and thereby reduce crime in the State and above all the state economy will grow.

Is it such a passionate Government like this that we are in a hurry to remove?  Some of his critics fault his action of not enriching individual elites who are bent on auctioning the State, but the government has impacted upon the lives of those who needed government the most through policies and programs.

The impact of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s administration even in Ize-Iyamu’s community within four years is a signpost to the massive defeat that is awaiting him in his home town.  Obaseki attracted the multi-billion naira rubber plantation project to Urhonigbe, a town in Orhionmwon, which has put the hands of thousands of youths to work.

Water Storm Project

The water storm project cannot be abandoned when it was initiated through the effort of Obaseki during the previous administration. Ize-iyamu can’t claim to be more passionate about a water project than the Initiator of the project itself.

Thank God Ize-Iyamu admitted that he didn’t initiate the project. He served as SSG when Edo State was submerged with flood so why did Ize-Iyamu not initiate the Water Storm Project? Since he could not be sensitive to the needs of the people he is seeking to serve  he should also stop to share from the  glory and brain work of Obaseki.

SIMPLE agenda of the APC candidate

The plan of  misleading Edo people through the presentation of his “Simple agenda” on instablog got the opposite result because the public openly rejected his Simple agenda and called him more unprintable names on facebook and instablog than the names his godfather, Oshiomhole told us about.