Dozy Mmobuosi
Dozy Mmobuosi

By Dozy Mmobuosi

The abolition of slave trade and ownership must have taken place over two hundred years ago in the market places and in the open but not in the hearts of men. Today the oppressing cultures are kneeling on the necks of the oppressed people, majorly the blacks just like Derek Chauvin did on George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

With Derek’s hands in his pockets he sniffed life out of a man who ordinarily he would not stand in a fair fight… it took him less than nine minutes to achieve this.

He thought a lie would win him another medal but he incurred the wrath of all humanity. The arrogance exhibited by Derek as Floyd told him, “I can’t breathe” showed that every oppressor has a demonic spirit living in him or her.

When this evil spirit is let loose, there is nothing that can stop it until its diabolic objective is achieved. Derek Chauvin, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao deliberately killed George Floyd because they thought only God was watching.

If not for that lady who filmed the whole evil episode a bombshell police lie would have mesmerized the world and there would once more be an evil cover-up.

This was one killing too many. God wanted the world to know that Black lives matter very much to Him. And indeed black lives matter as the life of every human person… white or black, brown or yellow.

Why do some white people hate blacks with such deep passion? Is it really true that every black person is a criminal? Can the black person be more criminally minded than a white slave owner who rapes a slave and the hybrid offspring sold to another slave owner? This is a time to show remorse for such unabashed and reprehensible evil and irresponsibility.

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There are criminals in every culture… every race. Every black person cannot be a criminal to attract annihilistic tendency he or she suffers from white police officers. This is a wrong notion. If the black person has not prospered in the same environment there may be an intrinsic diabolism playing out against him or her. It is high-time people in authority did something to change the status quo.

If God did not like panoply of colours, he would have not scientifically conceived the rainbow… and all the colours that abound in all the worlds. He would have just made the earth planet green… everything in it green including man. This monotony would have blinded us all. What is really wrong that I am black and that you are white? Tell me.

There must be reasons for God to have created us in different colours. It was not only to vary the monotony of one colour but also to harmonize nature which would not have enhanced God’s creative ability in just one colour. It is high-time the white supremacist shaped up or let him or her ship out. If Obama became president twice in America, racism was a misnomer of the past… the slave trade era.

The amber of racism that is being fanned in the United States of America (USA) would never ignite into full flame. It is the echo of the sob of the white supremacist who has lost it all and must adjust to the reality of the present day.

He or she cannot ship the black Americans back to Africa. So he has to change his ways… the earlier the better. The USA must not allow the racial bigots to continue to shame her, enough of speaking from both sides of the mouth.



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