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June 1, 2020

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG reopen churches, mosques? (3)

“I think the federal government should reopen all churches and mosques because coronavirus is beyond scientists. The nation as a whole needs the intervention of God so that our land will be healed and restored. All churches must however observe social distancing.” -Austin Precious, Writer

Evidenced by increase in cases of new COVID-19 infections, I’m of the opinion that, reopening of religious centres should be put on hold.

“Nigeria is one country at the moment, that’s under-equipped to contain the explosion of this pandemic. Let’s learn from the western world.” -Temi Olaniyan, Linguist

“Religious activities should never be confused with the acceptable things by God. Social distancing is barely achievable for congregations with very large numbers.

“For now, I believe the word of God has been reaching people via social media, although this is not what we’re used to.” -Sam Fafiolu, Youth Advocate

“The country is being held at ransom by this pandemic, so why would any reasonable government consider doing this at this time. Going by numbers, we should not consider doing this.

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“Churches and mosques should remain close while worshippers should continue serving God in their homes.” -Tunde Adesokan, Blogger

“The reasons mosques and churches should re-open is that we have a large number of people who believe in religious activities and this is very important because people will pray to their God at their own leisure.

“For the COVID-19 pandemic to go, churches and mosques should re-open but comply with the guidelines.” -Idris Musa, Youth Coordinator

“Reopening churches and mosques at this time is risky bearing in mind that the masses are more religious than cautious. Strict guidelines should be issued and enforced in order to put people on their toes.

“Safety of lives is key at this point in time rather than religious sentiments.” -Michael Akpan, Content strategist.

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