June 25, 2020

Encomiums, as Globe Motors boss is buried 

Encomiums, as Globe Motors boss is buried 

Late Mr. William Anumudu

Late Mr. William Anumudu

By Theodore Opara

It was encomiums galore for the late Chairman and Founder of Globe Motors, Mr. William Anumudu, as he was laid to rest Thursday.

The family opted for a private burial, which was informed by the restrictions on movement and gatherings by government.

Willie Anumudu, who is also known as Eze Igbo Ikoyi, died on April 21, 2020 at the age of 68, leaving behind a wife, children, brothers and sisters.

Tributes have been pouring in from well-meaning Nigerians, including former Lagos State Governor, Ahmed Tinubu, Prof. Pat Utomi of Lagos Business School, Nigeria Auto Journalists Association, NAJA, National Association of Automobile Marketers, NAAM, among others, for a highly successful businessman, known as the Czar of the Nigerian auto industry.

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In his tribute, Obi Adimora said: “I know that on occasion, fate dealt Willie a harsh hand. He endured many tests and faced uncountable challenges. Yet it was near impossible to catch him wearing his trouble on his face.

“He was ever upbeat, cheerful and optimistic. He was a businessman in a highly competitive area. But he never displayed envy at the success of others. Instead, he was solicitous of the success stories of others, took delight in their strides, and was particularly liberal in counseling young entrepreneurs.

“If he knew of potential pitfalls in a venture, he was quick to volunteer that information to steer others away from ruin.”

Mr. Roland Opara, Chairman of Real Companion Nigeria Ltd, a shipping service company, stated that his family, management and staff of his company will deeply miss Mr. Anumudu for his kindness and positive impact on them.

“We commiserate with the Anumudus on the death of the chairman, founder of Globe Motors. His kindness and positive impact on our lives and families cannot be quantified,” he said.

Mr. Lambert Oguamalam, on behalf of the late Sir Sylvester Mgbeoji Oguamalam and Lady Cecilia Oguamalam family, described him as God’s special creation with a big heart.

He noted: “You represented so many things to many people who knew you outside your family, friends, partners as a very successful businessman, philanthropist, mentor, socialite, fighter, leader, Eze Igbo Ikoyi and many more.”