April 17, 2020

Ogun relaxes COVID-19 lockdown

Dapo Abiodun

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State.


The Ogun State government on Friday relaxed the total lockdown imposed on the state by President Muhammad Buhari.

Governor Dapo Abiodun stated this while addressing journalists at his Iperu-Remo residence.

The governor said the decision to relax the lockdown order was due to the need to strike a balance between public safety and the welfare of the citizens.

He thanked President Buhari for making efforts to check the spread of the disease in the country.

Abiodun, however, urged the people to adhere strictly to all the safety precautions that could stop the spread of the pandemic.

He noted that residents would enjoy the lockdown relaxation from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on April 20, April 22 and April 24, adding that this would be reviewed in the subsequent weeks.

The governor said: “My dear fellow citizens of our Ogun State, we appreciate the serious health need to curb the spread of the virus and prevent those who have not contracted the virus from contracting it.

“But there is also the need to strike a delicate balance between public safety and the welfare of the citizenry.

“In this regard, Ogun residents will have a window of relaxation from the renewed 14-day lockdown. It will be April 20, April 22 and April 24 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each day.

“This means that citizens are expected to remain indoors on April 18, April 19, April 21 and April 23.”

Abiodun added that all interstate and international borders would remain closed during the period, while only essential service providers would be given the chance to perform their duties.

He warned hoodlums perpetrating criminal acts not to test the will of the state government, as it had zero tolerance for crimes and criminal activities.

“If you test our will, the government and security agencies will be swift in apprehending you and bringing you to justice.

“I call on parents and guardians to ensure that the conduct and activities of their children and wards are in consonance with the law, order and public morality,” the governor added. (NAN)