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February 21, 2020

People Talk: N35m Camry 2020 model for NASS (2)

People Talk: N35m Camry 2020 model for NASS (2)

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“Considering the state of things in Nigeria, this is a really wasteful plan and it will only demonstrate the height of selfishness and unproductiveness on the part of the NASS members.

“Obviously, the funds for the cars are available. These funds can be used for other productive sectors which can better the lives of people ” -Tanimola Femi, Corps Member

“Excluding the fact that it is a waste of money, let them encourage local manufacturers and buy made in Nigeria car. Innoson Motors is there. That is the way to boost our economy.

“We should start buying our home made products, and it starts with the leaders. The is a total waste of scarce fund.” -Dahunsi Olabode, Student

“This not fair and totally absurd! Nigeria is going through a lot now and some people are thinking of buying cars worth that amount?

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“There is no justification for such lavish spending going by the level of depression the country is into. This is a purely selfish agenda.” -Olaniyan Temiloluwa, Linguist

“I am still thinking about this but I even wonder why the plan by the NASS to purchase 400 Camry 2020 model at N35m each for members is in the news because I know they spend more and all of this is just a show.

“To me, it is just a total waste. For them, it is never about the country but about their pockets” -Acher Yakubu, Event Manager

“The problem in this country is misplaced priority and we neglect the basic necessities. What happens to empowering the youths, building good roads and investing in stable electricity?

“Nigeria-made vehicles were suggested for this same people and they rejected it; at least, the money would circulate in our economy ” -Adebayo Adelayo, HR Personnel

“It is unacceptable! Poverty, unemployment and insecurity are pervasive in Nigeria; over 80% of Nigerians cannot afford two meals a day.

“Instead of the NASS to seek solutions to these problems, they want to spend N35 m on a car for each one of them. I don’t think this is the time to bring up such proposal, people are crying and dying every day. ” -Muhammed Bakare, Lecturer 

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