People Talk: Rift between Keyamo, NASS over 774,000 jobs
Festus Keyamo

By Olayinka Latona

“The job of lawmakers is to make law and carry out oversight functions. I believe Keyamo is not saying he would not let them know about the whole process, but that it won’t be done under closed doors. I think NASS plan is to hijack the whole process as they always do.” — Amao Salome, Sustainable Dev. Practitioner

“The whole issue is a reflection that there is disunity among our leaders. It’s really confusing when one arm of the government says yes and then another says no. They should all come together and draw out the right plan towards this issue and not politicize it as usual.” — Ajayi Emmanuel, Digital Marketer

“The two parties are torn apart because of ego, selfishness, distrust and disloyalty to national development. It is a case of kettle calling the pots black. At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose for either party because they are birds of the same feather.”
—Ojo Samuel, Educational Technologist

“It’s appalling to think that the temporal job creation is being funded with 86.8% of COVID-19 intervention fund. Until they disagree on more relevant sustainable initiatives, knowing this is even a conversation is disappointing. They should be engaged on more garmane issues.” —Jude Oseh, Youth Advocate

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“This disagreement to me is a necessary evil and I prefer what’s happening to the fact that funds would be passed for the scheme and jobs will not be made available. I think the lawmakers as well as Festus Keyamo have something very strange in common.”
—Fafiolu Sam, Analyst

“Keyamo behaved like an activist that he has always been. He ought to have changed some of his ideologies since he became a politician. Politics and law are two separate lines. He has to respect the members of the National Assembly because he will need them in the nearest future.” — Dahunsi Olabode, Content Creator

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