February 23, 2020

Don’t leave God’s presence when you face challenges

Don’t leave God’s presence when you face challenges

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

GOD is so powerful and magnanimous that HE can do all things at any time and as HE wishes (Jeremiah 32:27). The understanding of God has made me know what HE does and does not do in life. God loves people that love Him.

Imagine some wealthy people who attend church services or any place of worship but deep in their hearts they love God and there is nothing they cannot give Him. But some people see them as people God does not care about yet God loves them.

For instance, a nobleman was afflicted with an ailment that defied all medical treatment. He came to me and I did all I could to heal him to no avail. What baffled me most was that I had treated several similar cases but nothing worked for him. I was perturbed about his situation that I prayed to God to unravel the mystery behind his predicament to me because he was so generous and supporting God’s work.

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Inspite of the situation, he believed that God would solve his problem through me. He did not relent in his generosity and support for God’s work. The Almighty God revealed to me on the way from my hometown a palm plantation that the man’s father killed somebody at the plantation.

That has been the cause of the man’s problem because the father who is now born-again and a minister of God committed murder (a great sin). Immediately, I called him on phone and told him what God revealed to me. Then he went and narrated the revelation to his father and made him understand that a powerful man of God told him the revelation.

It was a very rude shock to the man’s father that such secret could eventually leak out and he did not deny it. Then he narrated the story to his son that it happened 58 years back that an argument ensued between him and a friend over three pence. Both engaged in physical combat using stick to hit each other until his friend was weak and started bleeding from injury on the head.

Eventually, the father ran away when he saw him bleeding and fell on the ground. The friend finally died. The incident had hitherto remained a top-secret but he normally had a guilty conscience whenever he remembered the incident but he could not do anything. After he told the son the incident, the son started getting relief.

Brethren, the moral of this story is that the father’s sin was the cause of that man’s ailment. The sin he knew nothing about, even when he was not born at the time of the incident. The scripture makes us understand in Exodus 20:5-6 “…For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the father to the third and fourth generation…”

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