Job searching has become a common activity in our world. Over time, people have tried to come up with various ways that work great in helping a person secure a job for themselves.

Today, one of these amazing ways is to use a software that handles the job searching process. Of course, many people do not trust some apps, but these set of apps are securely developed to help people find a job that equally fits into their career path and suits their job needs.

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If you are a little confused about which apps work do this, then sit back as this article should guide you through what apps are the best for helping you find a job in 2020. Here’s the deal:

  1. Dice Careers

Most people who switch jobs do this to find something that delivers a good level of income. Dice Careers is an app that is designed to understand this and has ensured it meets the needs of users by providing information on a job opportunity as well as the expected level of income they may receive from the job.

Dice Careers handles the calculation of the expected salary by looking into the skills and current experience of the users. With data on this, the app can come up with a special amount which signals the salary users can expect from the job they are about to apply for.

If you are having intentions of using the Dice Career app, you should also know the app was designed specifically for tech professionals. This means job vacancies from the app are only available for SEO experts, developers, marketing experts, and many more.

  1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is yet another mobile app designed to provide people with insights into the latest job opportunities out there in the world. One of the many features of the app includes the “Save” option. This feature allows you to save jobs on the app and apply for them whenever you are ready as long as they are still open.

Apart from saving jobs and applying later from your computer, users can research companies, salaries, and interviews right from their mobile devices. This provides you with information on how interviews are done and what kind of questions are mostly asked during these interviews.

The app also provides you with special insights into the salaries that are mostly offered for the job you decide to show interest in. As you get exposed to these insights, you stand a higher chance to secure a job for yourself.

  1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an incredible app that provides you with a series of opportunities to help you secure a job for yourself. The app is equipped with special features that easily link people up with jobs that fit their career paths. The app also provides users with the chance to upload their resume for a job they are applying for. Of course, resumes are an essential part of every job application.

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As a job seeker, you should be ready to prepare your resume to be perfect enough to increase your chances of securing that dream job. There are many resume writing services online that can help you craft the best kind of review. This makes it a lot harder to make a choice. Luckily, checking out a resume review service can come in handy.

  1. Simply Hired

The Simply Hired job search app considers the needs of job seekers first. It ensures it makes job finding for people within a specific area extremely easy. The app does this by searching for jobs for users based in their location. Coupled with this amazing feature, users can get alerts when there comes a match for them.

  1. Monster Job Search

The Monster Job Search app was developed to attend to the special needs of job seekers. It makes it to our list of apps designed to do this because it stands out from other apps from its unique features. The Monster Job Search app was developed from a global employment website and allowed users to pick the job type they are applying for, such as a full-time job or a part-time one.

  1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the world’s largest job search sites. As a popular website among job seekers, Indeed is known to have its own very mobile app designed to make job searching a lot faster, easier, and more efficient. Today, the Indeed app is regarded as one of the top mobile apps developed to meet the needs of job seekers across the globe.

The Indeed app also provides users with the opportunity to upload their resume to the platform and easily apply for job vacancies with just a few clicks from anywhere around the world. Using the app can generally be done by any mobile user as this app is made available for download for Android and iOS.

  1. LinkedIn Job Search

Many tips are available to help you create a work profile for yourself. If you have used LinkedIn in, creating a profile about your career works great to lure clients towards working with you.

The LinkedIn Job Search has evolved from being just a social platform to becoming a hub for business owners and job seekers. If you have not used the platform, giving it a shot now through its mobile app can be of great help when finding a job.

The app has got itself equipped with several unique features that make it stand out from other platforms. One of these features includes its ability to keep a user notified about the job details that match their needs.


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Sometimes, finding a job can be tough work to do. From top job search statistics, many students are affected by the pressure of struggling to find a job even after graduating from college. Of course, they are a great number of jobs across the globe, it is still a difficult task to secure one.

The above apps should come in handy in helping you secure your dream job at a much faster rate in 2020. Good luck!



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