December 21, 2019

Farming, security, panacea to recurring hunger – Useni

Gen Useni

By Marie-Therese Nanlong

The Plateau State Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the last election, Senator Jeremiah Useni has again reiterated the need for Nigerians irrespective of their type of job to engage in farming activities so that the tide of prevailing hunger in the nation can be curbed.

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Useni, also called on citizens to put an end to fighting and killings as such attitude are causing fear and preventing people from going to the farms

Speaking with journalists at his residence in Jos, the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja also noted that political leaders are not inherently bad but the influence of bad advisers working with them could impact negatively on good governance and democratic practices.

He urged that the military be commended for ensuring democratic rule rather than being vilified as according to him; it was the same military that brought this democracy. We all know the right things to do; citizens must try to live like human beings.

His words, “On the issue of hunger, I advise us to go to farm. No matter the profession we find ourselves, we should farm. The farm can even be behind our houses. We must not rely on salary alone. Hunger is not only in Nigeria, but a worldwide phenomenon. We must therefore do something to feed ourselves. We must stop fighting, as this has made people not to go to their farms. It is of note that hunger also makes people to steal.

“As a President, Buhari does not do everything by himself, he has advisers. If you have advisers and they advise you properly, you will do proper thing but when you have bad advisers, you will have problems. What am saying is that they are good and bad advisers.

“So if there is anything going wrong at all under the administration, it must be based on bad advisers and not that him as an individual will try to see that things are done badly. So, I think there is a mix up because some people do not understand what democracy is all about and only think it is all about lying to the people and not telling them the truth.

“I tell people that politics is not for people given to falsehood but sincere individuals who are desirous of helping the people and the society to solve their problems. Everybody tries to blame Mr. President for every wrongdoing going on but he is just but one man. He is not the Minister for Agriculture for instance or other ministries.

“In the judiciary for instance, when somebody is to be locked up or given just sentence but the people in charge decided to do a different thing, it means that anything can happen and we will continue to have problems. So I think everybody should be determined to do the right thing for good governance and our democracy to thrive in the country.”

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Speaking on the issue of insecurity he added, “We have security problems and there is no doubt about that. The situation is bad! People are now going by rail instead of by road from Abuja to Kaduna. During our time with late Gen. Abacha, we will deal with you properly, if you are wrong. That we are in Democracy, does not mean there are no rules. It is of note that, it was the same military that brought this democracy. We all know the right things to do! Citizens must try to live like human beings.”