September 26, 2019

NYG: Where is CRS on this medals table?

NYG: Where is CRS on this medals table?


CRS won the First Edition of the National U-17 Youth Games in 2013. CRS won the National School Sports Festival for 4 consecutive years before Gov. Imoke’s Comprehensive Sports Development Program (CSDP) was discontinued in September 2015 by the current administration.

CRS had the best  grassroots sports development program in Nigeria in 2015 before the program was killed. CRS had the best U-17 team in Athletics, Boxing, weightlifting, swimming etc. before the program was killed in 2015. In fact, the CRS U-17 team of 2015 would have topped the medals table at the 2019 Youth Games.

2.5m children suffering acute malnutrition in Nigeria – UNICEF(Opens in a new browser tab)

Killing that program and destroying the lives and future of hundreds of thousands  of CRS youths is the costliest and most backward decision taken by the current CRS government. I still believe that  Prof. Ayade has not been properly and truthfully briefed about the huge investment made and success achieved by Imoke’s regime in this sector.

From 2011 to 2015 CRS topped the nation and laid a solid foundation for continuity, but today we are nowhere to reckon with.

Sports is a human capacity development, poverty alleviation and a transformational tool used to re-direct youths from restiveness to constructive and positive life changing endeavors. Numerous CRS youths who benefited from the CSDP are doing very well for themselves in Nigeria, USA and all over the world today in sports, education and life.

Qatar’s Barshim, Nigeria’s Edward motivate me, says 2018 NSF high jump bronze medallist(Opens in a new browser tab)

Several of them won gold medals for Nigeria at the recently concluded African Games held in Morocco. The youths of CRS and their parents are crying and yearning for a return to the glory days of 2010 – 2015. It can only be done by appointing the right leaders on ground and the total commitment of the Governor. It does not have to cost a fortune, but the funds allocated must be used to implement the project.

Over 200 million naira worth of world class equipment are already in storage at the UJ Esuene stadium to accomplish this. The youths are yearning for the opportunity to serve their state and secure a great future for themselves.

Prof. Ayade can reverse the trend in the next four years and take credit for the rebirth. CRS can climb back to the top, where they belong, before the tenure of the current government expires. It is not too late. Cross Riverians deserve this gift.