August 7, 2019

RevolutionNow: Between Reno Omokri and Lauretta Onochie, who is right?

RevolutionNow: Between Reno Omokri and Lauretta Onochie, who is right?

By Nwafor Sunday

With the arrest of the Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, in the 2019 general elections, Omoyele Sowore, by the Department of the State Service, DSS,  intandem with #RevolutionNow protest that was foiled by the Nigerian armed officers, aides to both President Muhammadu Buhari and ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri and Mrs Lauretta Onochie have on Wednesday submitted their varying propositions on the issue.

While Reno was literally satiric in his narrative, Onochie was quite blunt in her analysis. Both expressed their views through their respective tweeter handles.

Soyinka blasts Buhari over Ruga settlements(Opens in a new browser tab)

The outspoken Onochie who created #WhereWasYourRevolution, as an anti-hash tag for #RevolutionNow protest, asked about twenty three questions (23), to critics and those who believe that the federal government led by Buhari has failed the masses.

Her words, “When the same militants began kidnapping foreign investors in the year 2000 and later resorted to kidnapping Nigerian citizens for ransom after the foreigners ran away, where was your revolution?

“When opposition politicians were being specifically targeted for assassination between the year 2002 to 2014, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When they were busy buying private jets and building expensive private universities and gigantic personal libraries with funds stolen from us, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When just one box was found containing 14 billion naira worth of jewellery for a thieving female minister recently, you didn’t think of revolution when the theft and squandermania was going on between 2010 to 2015! #WhereWasYourRevolution

“When they killed NITEL and our numerous textile factories since 2001, your revolution was missing! #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When they killed Nigeria Airways without even paying off the workers, your revolution mind was where? #WhereWasYourRevolution?

Soyinka, those condemning Sowore’s arrest are blackmailers – Garba Shehu(Opens in a new browser tab)

“When planes were falling down almost every month in Nigeria, killing hundreds of people and the only explanation Femi Fani-Kayode who was the minister of aviation at that time gave was that it was caused by cultists in government. #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When they sank billions of dollars of public funds in NEPA/PHCN and gave you darkness even before they sold it off to themselves, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When they stole your monies and built palatable edifices for their families, concubines, whores or girlfriends, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When they were selling crude oil at $140 per barrel and yet couldn’t pay workers for upwards of 14 months, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When our health institutions went comatose, and doctors, nurses and other medical workers were always on strike, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When ASUU strikes lasted up to 9 months nonstop to over 14 months sometimes, there was no revolution from you! Why? #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When Nigeria Airways staff were dying due to nonpayment of their benefits for over 20 years, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When the 2nd Niger Bridge was commissioned on mere paper twice but which tens of billions of naira was looted and squandered in its name, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When our railways were left dead and rusty, and our roads across the country were abandoned such that they became huge craters and hundreds of billions of naira were being looted annually in the name of building new ones, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When 20 people alone are owing me and you about 5 trillion naira public money in AMCON, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When a former First Lady’s total amount forfeited to government can be divided amongst 774 local governments for 220 million naira each, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When 23 people, under the instruction of President Jonathan, looted and shared $2.1 billion funds meant for fighting Boko Haram, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When over 20 people died during the  Nigeria Immigration Service jobs scam in 2014, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When stealing was not corruption, and was effectively legalised to the point that it was a crime to be honest in any office in Nigeria between 1999 and 2015, #WhereWasYourRevolution?

“When poverty reached an all-time high of 112 million people in 2012 & 130 million in 2013 according to World Bank data, #WhereWasYourRevolution? It’s when the figure has reduced to 88 million people in 2018, according to the same World Bank, that you are talking of revolution?

“Between 2010 & early 2015, we were bombed and killed in hundreds & even thousands regularly in Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Zaria, Jos, Bauchi, Azare, Misau, Gombe, Maiduguri, Damaturu, Potiskum, Yola, Mubi, Gwoza, Bama, BuniYadi, Kala Balge, etc, in Nigeria! #WhereWasYourRevolution

“Someone is diligently cleaning all of that mess now, and you are now shouting REVOLUTION on behalf of the very thieves and plunderers who created and sustained all of that mess for 16 solid years?

She ended her argument with, “There are people who shouldn’t be walking free. It’s ONLY the enforcement of our laws that will save our nation. Break the law,  The law comes after you, Grabs you, Tosses you around Quarantines you for the prescribed time. The rest of us will take our laws seriously = A saner society

“Our govt is not allergic to protests. But it will be irresponsible of the DSS to stand by & watch the birth of anarchy.”

Reno Begins

However, reacting to the arrest of some protesters, Reno who is known for his philosophical and intellectual reasoning, averred, “Imagine the effect on insecurity in the SW if the large number of police that DESCENDED on protesters today had instead DESCENDED on the forests where Olakunrin was KILLED and the RCCG 5 were ABDUCTED. But as the culprits are HERDSMEN, it wont happen.

“According to TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL, @anticorruption, Nigeria is more CORRUPT today than in 2015. Per the @UN, Nigerians are POORER today than 2015. Per the @GlobPeaceIndex, Nigeria is more INSECURE than 2015. So, of what use is General @MBuhari?

“FUNNY but TRUE. ex President @GEJonathan NEVER once INSULTED Wole Soyinka. Yet Soyinka insulted both him and his wife. Wole Soyinka PRAISED Buhari many times. Yet, today, General @MBuhari  is insulting Soyinka as a BLACKMAILER. Sometimes, you create your own MONSTER.

“Soyinka called Jonathan NEBUCHADNEZZAR, and called Patience a HIPPOPOTAMUS. @Google  it. Jonathan never responded. In fact, he later PRAISED Soyinka, despite his insult. Now that General @MBuhari  is insulting Soyinka, I hope he now knows who the real NEBUCHADNEZZAR is.

“Let me tell you how tolerant Jonathan was. During #OccupyNaija musicians and actors performed for the crowd. APC chieftains paid for caterers to feed protesters. Each morning LASG cleaners prepared the venue. Yet, Wole Soyinka called GEJ a NEBUCHADNEZZAR DICTATOR!

“#OccupyNaija organisers had TOTAL FREEDOM under Jonathan. @Elrufai was on @ChannelsTV INSULTING GEJ daily. General @MBuhari freely instigated Nigerians. Nollywood stars were at Ojota. They LIED that GEJ traveled to South Africa and labeled him a BLOOD SUCKING DEMON!

Release Sowore unconditionally now – Group(Opens in a new browser tab)

“Some people don’t understand the law of SOWING and REAPING. I know ex President @GEJonathan. He is my FRIEND and BROTHER. The man CANT hurt a FLY or kill a CHICKEN. He is INNOCENT of many of the lies told against him. You can’t DESTROY such a man and expect to RISE!

“”The choice before Nigerians is simple: A choice between going forward or backwards. Between FREEDOM and REPRESSION, Between VISIBLE achievements and reforms and DESPERATE POWER SEEKERS with EMPTY PROMISES.” @GEJonathan, Dec 11, 2014. Did he lie?

“Just negodu this HYPOCRITE of the highest order called Bola @AsiwajuTinubu who called for @GEJonathan  to resign over insecurity in 2014 but today generates all types of excuses for the WORSE insecurity under General @MBuhari “So General @MBuhari is this immature? You accuse protesters of being sponsored by foreigners. Now you ask their sponsors to reveal themselves. You are the accuser. The accuser must provide proof, not the accused!

“@GEJonathan  r the NSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL cal and inteligible eved that differnt paid half the subsidy Buhari is paying, yet was able to maintain petrol at ₦87 and dollar at ₦150 to $1. General @MBuhari pays DOUBLE the subsidy GEJ paid, yet petrol is ₦145 and dollar is ₦365 to $1. HYPOCRISY is a bigger problem than CORRUPTION

“Dear General @MBuhari, Find time to enroll in the Goodluck Ebele Foundation to learn how to accept protests and criticism without unleashing the police/military on protesters and critics. You lack the temperament needed for a leader in a democracy.

“@GEJonathan’s mother had 10 children. Only GEJ and his sister survived infancy. This left her TRAUMATISED. She cried for days after seeing a coffin of her son being carried by #OccupyNaija protesters. Yet GEJ NEVER stopped the protests. That‘s TOLERANCE.

“Someone named his dog Buhari and General @MBuhari  had him JAILED. Yet, while @GEJonathan  was President, @OfficialAPCNg  members named a goat Jonathan. It was shown on TV multiple times. Those responsible were NEVER ARRESTED. That‘s LEADERSHIP. the type Buhari lacks.

“If you don’t know the difference, you will mistake MEEKNESS for WEAKNESS. @GEJonathan was not WEAK. He DISMISSED 2 ministers found wanting. He SACKED his NSA and his entire military chiefs over insecurity. Has STRONG General Buhari done either?

Terrorism: Army acquires anti-ambush mines resistant armoured patrol vehicles (PHOTOS)(Opens in a new browser tab)

“SALT and SUGAR looks the same. You know the DIFFERENCE only when you TASTE them. @GEJonathan was Nigeria’s SUGAR. But General @MBuhari lied to Nigeria that he is SWEETER than Jonathan. It is only after Nigeria TASTED him that they realised he is SALT.

“n Tuesday September 30, 2014, the HYPOCRITE, Bola @AsiwajuTinubu, called for a REVOLUTION against then President @GEJonathan. Nobody ARRESTED, CAUTIONED or interfered with his right to FREE SPEECH. What the @OfficialAPCNg GAVE, they can’t TAKE.”

With their points listed above, who do you think is right?

See few tweets below: