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Does yoga help with studying?

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Yoga is an ancient exercise that can benefit you a lot medically and physically. The exercises you do while do yoga practice can help you avoid visiting the doctor’s clinic frequently.

It increases your flexibility, strengthens your muscles, tones your body and benefits you in a whole lot of other ways. However, can this meditative exercise be used by college and university students when they are studying?

Here are nine facts about how doing yoga can benefit you as a student, especially during the stressful time of writing exams.

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Better brain development

Brain development is enhanced when you do yoga exercises because of a protein called FNDC5, which releases to the bloodstream. When it is released, it facilitates positive neurological development and for your brain cells to reproduce.

As yoga involves meditating, yoga will maintain your nervous system healthy, which will make your brain healthier and stronger. Taking study breaks and exercising will enhance your brain function and reduce the risk of having social and mental issues.

Good memory development

Exercising can boost your memory and this is one of the greatest benefits of yoga. The exercises you do will better your memory because the protein generated by your body when you exercise cooperates well with your brain’s memory bank.

Above helping you remember names, you can also now be more sharp in class and remember notes diligently in the exam room. Alongside your boosted memory, your problem-solving skills will also be improved.

Increased concentration levels

When you exercise 20 minutes prior to studying, your brain will be more ready to accept the information you feed it. This is because the blood circulates better between your body and your brain and as a result, gives it that jostle it needs to be alert. This also works when you have started studying.

When your brain starts to give away and starts losing focus, you can get your yoga mattress out and do a little bit of exercise. Sometimes you may be pressed for time though and can’t complete your assignments.

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Better moods

Constantly studying can be emotionally draining and can affect your mood tremendously. You may find it hard to stay positive with all the workload and curriculum you have to take in within limited time.

As a result, some students have folded to the pressure and have even resorted to suicide. Practicing yoga can help you by improving our mood and helping you deal with depression, anxiety, and other mood and mental issues.

Yoga improves physical and mental health

Students spend hours in class sitting at their desks and when they get back home, they go back to the same routine when they study. This prolonged sitting brings tension in the back or neck and strain on eyes. However, you may not need to sit for long hours looking for solutions to your assignment.

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At home, students may spend excessive time in front of their computer screens doing research and typing notes. This may lead to poor eating habits, strained eyes and cause fatigue. Doing yoga can increase your energy levels and combat other psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

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Lower stress

Stress is part of every college and university student’s life, you can’t avoid it. But yoga exercises can help you deal with it. Since yoga regulates your blood pressure and heartbeat, it can stabilize your entire body when in a stressful situation.

As stress also inhibits some physiological reactions like tightened muscles, yoga can relieve those muscles bringing your stress levels down. This might help you when you approach writing your final exams.

Reduced headaches and eye strain

Staring at computer screens all day long and sometimes all night long has very negative health effects. You may start experiencing headaches and start straining your eyes due to the time you spend in front of a bright blue screen light.

You may also strain your eyes trying to see your lecturer’s notes and slides. Taking study breaks to do yoga can help you take your eyes away from the screen and just relax and meditate for a few minutes.

Increased quality of sleep

Yoga helps you sleep better too because it decreases popular causes of poor sleep quality like obesity, depression, etc. When these causes are decreased or even eliminated, you will sleep better and you will be more satisfied with your sleep quality.

It works better than sleep pills because they may have adverse side effects while on the other hand, yoga has none. You will sleep longer and feel like you got the rest you needed, unlike most people who spend hours in front of their computers without any exercise.


Yoga brings many health benefits to students that affect their studies and their lifestyle. You will have improved mental health, better sleep habits, and you will learn various useful traits when you practice yoga.

You will be more alert and ready to learn when you do yoga when compared to those that don’t and your memory and productivity will be improved. Also, you will feel more motivated and have better problem-solving skills, and these traits and qualities are what you need to get through college or university.

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