May 20, 2019

Counterfeit lubricant remains a national challenge – GM 11Plc


Lubricant motor oil

The General Manager Lubes, 11Plc, Umesh Malik, Monday maintained that counterfeit lubricant remains the greatest challenge plaguing the industry.

Lubricant motor oil

This is coming even as the company officially unveiled it Mobil Super 1000 and 2000 peel and win promo 2.0 in Lagos, targeted at rewarding its customers across the country.
Speaking during the launch, Malik said: “The biggest challenge facing the lubricant industry in Nigeria is the influx of counterfeit lubricant in the market.

This is a serious menace in the nation’s market. Mobil, which is looking after tomorrow, today, we will continue to ensure that our customers get the highest performance product available to them.

“We will always continue to upgrade our product performance. Sometimes you go to the market even seeing a good product you will still ask if it is genuine. This is because the nation is prone to much of counterfeiting in every brand.”

As regards the promo, he said: “This promo will not just be in Lagos alone, despite our lubricant being here, we are reaching every local government area in the country where our lubricant is utilised. We have about 251 Mobil filling stations across the country.

“We will be doing draws in five major cities in the country. In the middle of September 2019, we will be doing the grand finale.”

On his part, the company’s Automotive and Distributor Business Manager, Seun Oke said: “This is an extension of last year promo, which our esteemed customers were rewarded for their patronages. Looking at our existence in the country, we are using this promo to reward our customers.

“This year, most of what we are going to be giving out will be double of what we gave out last year.”

Commenting on the challenge of adulterated lubricants in the country, he said: “Part of what we are doing in this promo is that we want to ensure that people return gallons to our stations to ensure they are registered for the promo.

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“A number of those bottles out there are what people pick and reuse for adulterated products. Apart from this, we are also putting a process in place to ensure that our gallons have super seal on them.

“This super seal cap which we did not have on our product before, covers the gallon and that way people can no longer open the cap with ease unlike what we have in the past.

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“We are also working with consumer protection Council, Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON, and other relevant agencies, to see how we can curb the advent of adulterated products in the country.”