April 18, 2019

Why we sacked 5 IMT labour leaders – RECTOR

Why we sacked 5 IMT labour leaders – RECTOR

File: IMT entrance gate

By Dennis Agbo

ENUGU-INSTITUTE of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu has disclosed that the five executive of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, in the institution were recently disengaged from service because of the bad records they accumulated as staff of the institution.

File: IMT entrance gate

Apart from that, the labour leaders were equally accused of gross insubordination, confrontation with authorities and attempts to pull down the institution for their selfish purposes.

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Rector of the Institute, Prof. Austin Nweze who briefed newsmen, Thursday, on the development, said that affected labour leaders had generated grave academic offenses deposited in their employment files, coupled with the labour leaders decision to bring the management, council, the state government and the school to disrepute.

Nweze narrated the activities that culminated to their sack to include rebellions such as dragging management of the institution to anti-graft agencies, state Security Service, the Attorney General’s Office, Industrial court and national Board for Technical Education, NBTE.

“The last stroke that broke the Carmel’s back was a petition to NBTE, our supervisory body, alleging that we’ve been over admitting students. It was written by ASUP through one lawyer. In the body of the letter they said all sorts of things in the body of the letter, that the Rector has been diverting Tetfund money, they even wrote against the chairman of the council and even His Excellency (Governor).

“Clearly, they took more than they could chew. It became obvious that it was no longer ASUP they were pursuing but a personal agenda, now masquerading as ASUP executive. So I raised an alarm, council met and reviewed all they had been doing and in doing that we had to bring all the staff files and spent three nights reviewing staff files.

“Unfortunately for those of them in ASUP, we found cases against them, not connected with ASUP strike or activities. Then Council took a decision; since you don’t have a good record and you are now masquerading as ASUP leaders, then let us capitalize on these your bad records and ask you to go. That was exactly what council did.

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“One of them was a case of plagiarism. He wrote a ten chapter book; out of the ten, nine chapters were copied verbatim from another person’s work, which you know is academic theft. Ordinarily, that should have led to a summary dismissal but in wisdom and human face nature, council gave him six months suspension and downgraded him by two grades.

“Without telling the national ASUP the truth, they went and told them that they were being victimized. The true position is that they were sacked for what they have done in the past and in the present for trying to pull down IMT and we had to pull them down first,” Nweze said.